Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Making a Transistor Radio [G.C. Dobbs, B.H. Robinson] on Hardcover: 52 pages; Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd (January 27, ); Language. Making a Transistor Radio – Ladybird Book. Making a Transistor Radio Book Cover. Making a transistor radio is a book written by G.C. Dobbs, with illustrations .

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The idea is to suspend as much of this wire as possible, as high as possible. It is easy to believe these days that children are shielded from anything that might be remotely practical, for fear that they might hurt themselves. The diode is removed Lo become one of Lhe two diodes in the new stage. Adding regeneration The circuit shews the new stage with the components added.


That stabilises the d. You are reading this review because my career as an electronic engineer has its roots in this book, it would be interesting to know how many other readers will tell the same story. The circuit board is used as a front panel, and end and bottom panels are added. The signal from the aerial is tuned by the coil and variable capacitor, the orange marked signal then passes through capacitor Cl to be amplified by the transistor and appear at a radio frequency choke R.

The earpiece is removed and re- connected to F and G. You can tell which end is really anode or cathode by looking carefully to see which end the point contact wire is attached to, and which has the germanium crystal on a little mount.

You are then launched into your first radio circuitry, first with a tuned circuit and then trnasistor the addition ladybidr a germanium point-contact diode and earpiece, a simple crystal set.

This is the circuit radoi. Take a small piece of wood, about l inch thick, and a piece of washed coke about the trznsistor of a pea.

It certainly tought me one thing about how to make transitsor transistor radio, that being one specific method which, try as I might, I could not get to work. Many of these suppliers provide catalogues which list all the com- ponents you will need.


Stage 3, Biasing the transistor 33K resistor, 1 50 K resistor.

There follows a guide to using the radio, and finally a page ladybrd finishing its case with a mounting for both speaker and battery. Mount the coke on the wood as shown, using a screw and screwcup, and taking a lead from beneath the screw-cup, Wind about a foot of steel wire — a length of piano or guitar wire is ideal -around a number 4 or 6 knitting needle, leaving about f inch on each end.

We did, but only to school. Don’t try to use plywood, MDF, a piece of solid oak from Grandad’s wood shed or any other hardwood type substance as the baseboard. The illustration also shows how the diode tranwistor included in the circuit by means of the sc re we ups. Adding a transistor GC7t transistor – Alternatives: Beyond that, we’re probably talking superheterodyne designs with IFTs transistoe on biro plastic. Look at most pieces of equipment and you will see several small, wire-ended tubes with brightly coloured bands.

IGuF tS volts, working efecirolytsc capacitor. O yrigb if cmw making a Transistor Radio by G. The final stage does not suffer in the same way, partly due to it operating in a transformer coupled class-C fashion, where the stored rado in the inductance provides half of the output swing.

Join the emitter to screw 5, the base to E and the collector to F. This value is called the resistance and is measured in ohms. It is possible to replace ihe screw cups of the radio with small copper nails Arid Solder the components onto these.

Books You Should Read: Making A Transistor Radio | Hackaday

Electrolytic capacitors must be connected into a circuit the right way round. The book is now long out of print, so your best bet if you want to read it yourself is to do a Google search on its title for a PDF, or to scour second-hand booksellers. Connect the red battery con- nector lead to screw 5, and the black lead to screw G, The radio is switched on by pushing the connector into place on top of the battery.


I have the full set of them, but they are the newer reprints. The centre tag is joined to a movable contact which slides over the track when the shaft is rotated. A tuned circuit is this filter, because it can be tuned to any frequency wc want, and can select one of the many radio frequency carrier waves reaching the aerial.

If tftrs is so, remake the joint. Look at the drawing on the opposite page and you will see that it has three contacts. When you open the book, the first thing you see sets the tone, for there is a guide to soldering on the inside of the front cover. Fixed capacitors may be fiat or cylindrical with two leads; die type we require, ceramic capacities, may look like a disc. For a more detailed explanation of this, you might like to read pages of the Ladybird book: The next stage is the detection stage, in which i lie electro-magnetic audio frequency wave is detected from the carrier wave.

The transistor warms up a little then saturates, pulling mA or so through the d.

Books You Should Read: Making A Transistor Radio

Learn how your comment data is processed. Unscrew the trimmer until the noise just stops, and try to tune in a station.

I also found that the first audio amplifier stage was fully saturated with the 0C81 transistors that came out of my drawer. The value of capacity is written in microfarads, pF or sometimes MFD. Covers were almost the same but inside drawings were black and white. Stage-by-stage the set is added to each stage a complete working radio until a powerful transistor radio is completed. Loudspeakers are made with inputs of varying resistances, and our radio requires a 3 or 5 0 type. Making A Transistor Radio,” which I’d had as a kid.