The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Major Keyhoe [Major Donald E Keyhoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. January, TRUE Magazine article by Donald E. Keyhoe ‘The Flying Saucers he has done for TRUE none has been so significant and timely as this one. Donald E. Keyhoe, Writer: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Donald E. Keyhoe Himself – Former Marine Corps Major (as Donald Keyhoe). Farewell, Good .

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Then he discovered a queer phenomenon.

It flatly admits that what these witnesses saw has kyehoe been identified. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whitted, who had flown Bs during the war. Though such figures are always difficult to verify, Captain Edward J. If he was downed by spacemen, they could logically have feared they were in danger.

At the controls were Captain Donzld S. Official gazettes and scientific magazines carried similar reports.

Donald Keyhoe

This same group majpr has a similar answer for the other authentic sightings. Something round and luminous fell from the sky, said by some witnesses to come from a strange, torpedo-shaped object. Clauser, an authority on space-travel plans. Its direction and velocity would be governed by the number of nozzles operating, the power applied, and the angle at which they were majkr — toward the ground, rearward, in a lateral direction, or in various combinations.


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. After eight months of intensive investigation, the following conclusions have been reached by True Magazine: As the object vanished, Chiles went back into the cabin to check with the passengers.

Others have disagreed with Keyhoe’s assessments. How Much Have You Seen?

Donald Keyhoe – Wikipedia

As a wartime pilot, he was familiar with the signs of approaching anoxia oxygen starvation. It might have to be a model because the fuel would be a problem.

Johnson, in Cascade Mountains.

Startling at first glance, True’s conclusions are logical and reasonable in the light of the full facts. Here is one suggestion from a former intelligence officer. Combing the radio spectrum, they would pick up and record sounds and signals in order to decipher the language.

His pilotless plane is pictured as going on up to 30, feet, then diving at full power and tearing itself apart. In view of the statements to be quoted from this man, who must necessarily be anonymous, it should be said that he is a hard-headed practical engineer of long experience, responsible for the design of aircraft known by name to maor literate American. Keyhoe — Writer Donald E.

Both he and Whitted agreed it was as bright as a magnesium flare. Observers at the base were astounded to see a huge, projectilelike craft race overhead, trailing a varicolored exhaust.


The magazine had an out. Keyhoe’s other “superpowered” flying ace was Richard Knight, a World War I veteran who was blinded in combat but gained a supernatural ability to see in the dark.


T he sudden spurt of sightings in might eonald that we have attracted attention with our V-2 rockets, A-bomb explosions, and other experiments, and that an orbiting satellite base has been established, or re-established after an absence. In broad daylight, they could not fail to identify a balloon during their thirty-minute pursuit.

Flying Saucers from Outer Space Holt, is perhaps the most impressive, being largely based on interviews and official reports vetted by the Air Force. It appeared to be hovering and was clearly seen by most of the officers on the base.

Sightings of flying disks and rocketshaped craft have not been confined to the United States. British Nature Magazine, Vol.

Start your free trial. Air Force had released contradictory information about the saucers, editor Ken Purdy turned to Keyhoe, who had written for the magazine, but who also, importantly, had many friends and contacts in the military and the Pentagon.