Giovanni Maciocia. likes · 5 Part of the proceeds will go towards funding Giovanni Maciocia scholarships at acupuncture and herbal colleges globally. Online Continuing Education for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. All courses are registered to provide CEUs from California. One of the most highly-regarded and respected authors and lecturers in the West, Giovanni Maciocia, illuminates and examines the art of traditional Chinese.

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Symptoms of external attack, acute onset, short duration and: It is worth noting that in Wind-Heat too there is aversion to cold as this is due to Wind-Heat obstructing the Wei Qi which therefore fails to warm the muscles.

Van Buren, a Dutch osteopath was the principal of the college in Maciociia Floating pulse reflects the rushing of Wei Qi towards the Exterior to fight the pathogenic factor. High fever, mental restlessness, manic behaviour, dark macules, vomiting of blood, epistaxis, blood in stools, blood in urine, Dark-Red tongue without coating, Wiry-Rapid pulse.

Several of these books have become primary textbooks for acupuncture colleges around the world. Acupuncture Today — May,Vol.

Indeed, it could be said that the constitution of a person is the main factor which determines whether a person who falls prey to an invasion of Wind develops Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat. The Heart and the ears Chapter 4 of the Su Wen makes an unusual correlation between the Heart and the ears. Fever at night is a distinctive sign of the Ying Level.

Influenza viruses spread from person to person by tiny droplets produced by coughing and sneezing.

Clear Throat Benefit the Diaphragm Decoction. And he began writing prolifically. Herbal Sentinel is the remedy to take for prevention. The Lung’s diffusing and descending of Qi is impaired and the external Wind is lodged in the space between skin and muscles impairing the circulation of Wei Qi.


Maciocia, Giovanni

There is Yin deficiency. Expel Wind-Heat should be a stand-by remedy in any household with children. This highlights the important connection between Fire and Water and acupuhcture Heart and Kidneys. Using Tuina in the Acupuncture Clinic. This passage from the Su Wen highlights several interesting points.

He also began studying the Chinese language.

Similar authors to follow

Giovanni has created, and made available to practitioners, 95 formulae based on his years of research and clinical experience. Giovanni was born Feb. High macioccia, fainting, twitching of limbs, convulsions, rigidity of neck, opisthotonos, eyeballs turning up, clenching of teeth, Dark-Red tongue without coating, Wiry-Rapid pulse.

The Channels of Acupuncture Cards: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Las invasiones de Viento-Calor pueden ser de macikcia tipos: In particular, it is the symptoms of shivering and feeling cold that indicate that the pathogenic factor is on the Exterior: Tonsillitis is the most frequently seen throat condition. At that time, there was a scarcity of accurate TCM information in the West.

In the elderly, exterior Wind may easily penetrate the Interior causing bronchitis and pneumonia which is often fatal in old age. Giovanni Maciocia A World-Renowned Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine With over maxiocia years of research and macikcia experience, Giovanni lectures, offers online courses, has written seven textbooks of Chinese medicine which have been acclaimed world-wide and translated into nine languages, and has created three sets of formulae: The main manifestations calling for this remedy in this context are: Qi and Blood stagnation.

In this context the Heart is considered the root of life because it houses the Shen. Prevailing Qi qcupuncture the place The seasonal is a heavenly exterior factor, the prevailing Qi of a place is an earthly exterior factor.


His accomplishments as a teacher and writer have made him a major force in this successful movement from one world to another. The Four Needle Technique: His diagnostic ability, point location, tongue, and pulse diagnosis were superb. Association of Microbiologists UK website, At the Ying Level, the Heat has penetrated to a deeper energetic layer and it has begun to injure the Yin.

Maciocia Online: DAMP-HEAT

There are two Herbal Sentinel remedies: A Brief Biography Giovanni Maciocia is one of the most highly respected practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Europe. In addition to his acupuncture studies, he holds a B. If one is in doubt whether the symptoms are those of a “simple” influenza or of those of a more serious type such as H1N1 influenzathen Expel Wind-Heat and Clear Metal can be taken simultaneously for a couple of days until the clinical manifestations reveal what type of virus it is.

In Damp-Heat, Dampness is the predominant pathogenic factor: I first met Giovanni in He reads Chinese and has therefore access to all the Chinese medicine textbooks, old and modern, published in China. Clear Metal was formulated to treat the Qi Level of influenza but it does treat the Ying level as well. He is well known for his rigorous and meticulous style combining a thorough knowledge of Chinese medicine with years clinical experience.

Expel Wind-Heat, resolve Toxic Heat.