Hey everybody, im a noob and im looking into making a caselman airgun or girandoni style automatic gun. (for those of you not familiar with a. The Caselman air machinegun was designed in the late 70s by Jeff Caselman. Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video. Air Machine Gun design, 30 shot clip, selective fire, 32 ACP power, hand held Caselman Explorations, Box , Cameron, MO “.

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Send mail to rob airmachinegun. The co2 in those tanks is at psi at 80 degrees. You have to make many weapons, because this field casekman long and short life. I know the original caselman had a blowback system.

Some say he emigrated to become a missionary in the Middle East, others, that he was “taken out” by caswlman hitman hired by a conglomerate of American ammunition manufacturers, and even a rumor circulated amongst those “in the know” that he went to England and joined forces with cwselman ‘Homegunsmith’ to perfect his design and now lives in a secret underground arms manufacturing facility beneath a hop field in south west Kent. Now find 3 cnc shops and start cranking them out…. The guns were never designed to handle psi.

Who is online In total there are 20 users online:: Caselman Air Machine Gun As a tribute to Jeff Caselman the machinegu construction plans for this amazing weapon are available here. It is illegal to own a BB or airgun in Philadelphia too, but everyone just ignores the law. You have to make many weapons, because this field is long and short life. He make everything from violins to guns to homemade forges.


I wouldn’t mind one of those Not exactly the same due to its cocking system, but nonetheless incorporating the same principles. Do you mean the thing that is a low powered.

It’s a big step up in hassle compared to the difference between a low and a high velocity air rifle. At that rate it cycles flawlessly and mmachinegun a very pleasing rat-a-tat-tat sound.

Caselman air machine gun without mill or lathe : BB/Airsoft/Pellet Gun Discussion

Wearing flip flops in a metalworking shop tells me all I need to know about this guy. This gun is steel, and the plans say it was designed to hold psi, big difference. Assuming a similar projectile weight, I’d say around fps. During the construction, several errors were noted in the plans and will be covered here. They used machineegun for something like 30 years?

Oh man was that sweet!! The weapon can be extremely powerful for 30 shots or tuned down to shots for fun shooting.

.32 Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos)

After developing this amazing weapon Jeff Caselman mysteriously disappeared. In testing, several bursts cycled at rpm. You can buy commercially available air guns that shoot fps. The staff of one at Airmachinegun. There are modifications shown here for making a removable magazine housing so drum or other magazine types can be used. Geez, a little complex, I wonder what velocity it gets?


Select-fire Trigger The original used a full-auto sear trip to accomplish selectable semi-auto and full-auto fire. In machinwgun, changes were made to convert it to shoot. It is a closed-bolt weapon, and since airguns are ever more accurate than any firearm, it is not hard to imagine that.

I think I would rather have a luty pipe gun… though this would be nice and quiet. May 8, at 3: Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video.

Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos) -The Firearm Blog

The original is shown as well as several options for full-auto only that can reduce the tuning time, but only allow full-auto fire. To make caliber changes easier and barrel selection and profile changes much easier, the barrel is attached with a barrel holder which also incorporates the new ammo port for the round ball magazines. So I suppose it is legally a firearm in Canada; however, given that you have a velocity limit rather than a KE limit unlike some countriesyou could shift to a heavier round for reduced velocity, or just lower the operating pressure.

I retired as Editor in Chief in Magazines There is a detailed drawing and construction sequence for building the new round ball magazine.