Three temple ponds with permanent blooms of blue green algae were highly productive. The limnological parameters viz. different forms of alkalinity, pH, DO. Three temple ponds with permanent blooms of blue green algae were highly productive. They all showed high alkalinity, hardness, electrical conductivity and . Three temple ponds with permanent blooms of blue green algae were highly productive. They all showed high alkalinity, hardness, electrical.

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Limnological investigations of Texi Temple pond in district Etawah U. I, Govind sagar, Ehanattri tank, Sawarkar sarover and Matsya sarover.

They are the most sensitive micro organisms that respond quickly to any change in the ecological condition. NozhevnikovaN D Savel’eva Mikrobiologiia A value of 8. The role of solar UV radiation in the ecology of alpine lakes. Phytoplankton and Macrophytes in the ponds lymnolovy Raipur city area, M. Tech Report Templw C,p. Biology, conservation and management of Bhoj Wetland 1. Structure of zooplankton communities in the Peten Lake, District Guatemala.

Eurotatoria Zoological Survey of India.

Limnological studies on freshwater ponds of Hyderabad-India I. Classwise percentage composition of Phytoplankton population in both the ponds.

It is often dominant in eutrophic water bodies[]. The concentrated samples were examined under the inverted microscope and identification of plankton was done using the following taxonomic references [9- londs.

Hydrobiologia,48 1: Arctodiaptomus dorsalis dominates the crustacean zooplankton in moderately productive water bodies[53] and cannot survive under conditions of low food concentrations[54]. Alternative approach to trophic status lymnloogy for water quality management.


All the species belonging to Copepods namely Arctodiaptomus dorsalisCyclops sp.

Limnological Study on two High Altitude Himalayan Ponds, Badrinath, Uttarakhand

But, during the present investigation Chlorophyceae was recorded as dominant among all the phytoplankton groups on account of relatively high temperature and nutrient condition.

American Public Health An experimental study in subtropical Florida. Generally, Bacillariophyceae are found as dominant group in temperate water bodies because diatoms are able to grow under the conditions of weak light and low temperature which are less suitable lymnoloyg the other phytoplankton groups[]. Die Abwassserfrage der vaxijaseen in hydrobiologischer Beleuchtung, Grundzuge in der regination planktologie van sudschweden.

The location and important features of both the ponds have been mentioned in Table 1 and Figure 1. Results and Discussion plnds. Causes and consequences of recent freshwater invasions by saltwater animals. Phytoplankton from some lakes of northern Saskatchewan and from Great Salve Lake.

Raj NarayanKrishna K. They are able to grow at higher altitudes as compared to other macro flora and fauna. Water tempple were directly collected from the surface of the pond for physico-chemical analysis and for the qualitative enumeration of planktonic population surface water samples were collected from different locations mainly from central part of the ponds. Hydrobilogia, pp Plankton are important part of aquatic life and good indicator of changes in water quality because they are strongly affected by environmental conditions and responds quickly to lynnology in environmental quality.


Limnological studies on freshwater ponds of Hyderabad-India I. The Biotope

References Publications referenced by this paper. Both the ponds are situated at base of high mountains and during the lymnologgy precipitation the nutrient rich runoff settled in the ponds and increased the trophic levels and creates the favourable conditions for the growth of planktonic population. Water quality and plankton of Jhelum River. Physico-chemical features of ponds showed the nutrient rich water of both the ponds. The town lies between the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges and in the shadow of Nilkantha peak, most of the period it was covered by snow.

Limnology of Oceanography,Vol.

Teple of Photochemistry and Photobiology,B: The Indian species of the genus Brachionus Eurotatoria: Results and Discussion The physico-chemical environment mainly controls the biological diversity[23, ].

Phytoplankton ecology of the inland waters of Uttar Pradesh. Jaccard similarity index for different planktonic groups of both the ponds Phytoplankton Zooplankton Chlorophyceae 0. A total species of phytoplankton and 51 species of zooplankton were encountered remple both the ponds.

The low transparency value in some of the high altitude Kashmir Himalayan water bodies has been attributed to the incoming silt from the catchment[].