Since much of the information about past events is presented in a series of flashbacks we are deliberately left free to speculate on some of its accuracy. Doctor Who – Lung Barrow – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Lungbarrow.

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I don’t feel that Lungbarrow ruined the Doctor’s mystery. But the Doctor’s robot companion was a bit too much. Ftee the Old Time segments, there is a memorial to Omega in the Capitol. There was one reviewer that said only for “patient” Dr.


The ghost of Quences appears before the Doctor, telling him to find the will, and although the Doctor has no intention of becoming trapped in the politics lunbbarrow the Family he left behind, he realises that he has an obligation to free them from the neglect he trapped them in. My other concerns were the extremely slow pace and the oddly uninvolved attitude of the Doctor. Alarms sounded because the Fref had returned, disrupting the event.

Sickened and weary of the violence, and blaming himself for what is happening to Gallifrey, he intends to put an end to these games and fling himself back into the Universe, as a piece on the board rather than as a player.

Trying to indicate the zombie-like existence of the Doctor’s cousins in his home–the ancinet House of Lungbarrow–Marc Platt presents a story of weird decadence. This book is simply trying to do too much, and for a purported conclusion, there’s a lot that is left ambiguous, understated, and unresolved at the end.

The Room with No Doors.

The furious Doctor attacks Glospin, and as the two men fight, the legendary Hand of Omega appears as if from nowhere and drives Glospin off, giving him a scar which even his later regeneration did not heal. Not a book to recommend to non-fans because of the heavy continuity, but otherwise you can’t fault it. It periodically Sepulchasms, opening up, and the players have to will their counters to hover so they don’t fall into the pedestal. I wouldn’t read that book again if you cree me.


Apr 10, Ariana Deralte rated it liked it Shelves: Lungbarrow is an epic conclusion not only to the New Adventures of the 90’s but to the seventh Doctor era in general.

I just found my PDF of Lungbarrow the BBC gave away for free : doctorwho

First things first, I gave it five stars because of the douche bag that gave it one without reading it. Lungbarrow gets mentioned fairly often here and it used to be tough to get hold of so if anyone wants it, answer the questions in a sensible manner. One of my favourite reading experiences.

She carries a pouch which contains a herbal liniment. During the story, K9 Mark I has his memory upgraded by Ok, so basically, way back in the day Gallifrey was founded by these three dudes, Rassilon of new series super-spitty guy fameOmega of classic series “The three doctors” fame, and the Other of no fame, because apparently he wrote lungbarros out of history? View all 4 comments.

Nightshade Mark Gatiss, Aug 92 9. The story itself was pretty disjointed in the beginning and only settle So, I finished Lungbarrow and my first reaction was “huh”. In fact I think it raises even more mystery because it links him to the Other- then you wonder how close the two are to being the same person, and what was the Other like?

It is unclear if brother is another word for cousin. Wait a minute, odd coincidence. Aug 26, Anthony rated it really liked it. Chris awakens back in his body, to find that the TARDIS has fallen through lungbarrrow rotting floor and that the Doctor has been forced to descend into the House to search for it. She also mentions Otherstide – the festival commemorating the Other’s departure from Gallifrey. Susan has been trying to contact the Doctor for some time and now has two children of her own, a boy and a girl.

I don’t mind the idea but I think it should be of a shorter duration or something. He emerges with all of his suspicions confirmed; the Doctor is a serpent from the dawn of Gallifreyan history, who has abused his Family for his own ends.

Lungbarrow – Wikipedia

One razor lozenge can slice the legs off a Marsh-Dalek at sixty metres. In Silver Nemesis Gallifrey was established as having faced a horrific ‘old time’ and it was hinted that the Doctor was around during the dark ages of Gallifrey.


The Doctor accepts the assignment, and also accepts Chris’ decision to remain on Gallifrey to sort out his frree and his identity. At the end of the play the puppet representing the Other swoops forward, enfolds the Doctor in its clutches and then falls apart to reveal the Doctor standing alone. I love Lungbarrow because of its huge risk taken storyline and its controversial subject matter because some writers would never go into this area.

Platt is a strong writer, and he offers another nicely spooky offering here. However, this was a House of underachievers and since the Board of Matricians predicted he would become one of the greatest figures in Lungbarroe Lord history, the flaws were kept secret.


Er gefiel mir gut. Sep 24, Wesley Asbell rated it really liked it. Genesys John Peel, Jun 91 2 Timewyrm: Lungbarrow wrapped up the last of the continuity of the New Adventures and put the Doctor on course to gather the Master’s remains from Skaroas depicted in the Doctor Who television movie.

While it is loaded with enough connately references to make any new fan scratch their heads this is novel that any serious Doctor Who fan should enjoy It is the broad range of things brought together that makes Lungbarrow is the true epic that it is. Leela’s full Gallifreyan name is Leelandredloomsagwinaechegesima. Virgin New Adventures 1 – 10 of 61 books. Gallifreyans have a certain amount of natural telekinetic ability. He recalls events from Return of the Living Dad. Mar 10, Mary JL rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I knew what the “secrets” were this time, and it was very interesting to reread the book with that knowledge.

Lungbarrow, the last of these novels, also attempted to answer long-lingering questions about the Doctor’s origins and properly canonize the so-called Cartmel Masterplan that script editor Andrew Cartmel had been building towards when the show went off the air. They almost certainly have transmat-type technology that doesn’t need a terminal.