Many philosophies of arranging denture occlusion; No definitive scientific studies Lingualized Occlusion: Contacts on centered on mandibular ridge minimizes. Lingualized Occlusion. If I had to choose the one thing that’s had the greatest effect on the success of the dentures and partial dentures I construct for my patients. Lingualized occlusion represents an established method for the development of functional and esthetic complete denture articulation. Since its introduction, the.

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The maxillary incisors should have sufficient vertical overlap to provide separation of the posterior teeth when the incisors are in edge-to-edge relation. By removing inclines, the lateral forces which are destructive to the residual ridges are reduced.

In the right lateral position, the occlusal contact forces directed toward the ridges on the working side [ Figure 5b ]. The occlusal arrangement of artificial teeth, as viewed in the horizontal plane, wherein the masticatory surfaces of the mandibular posterior artificial teeth have a straight, long, narrow occlusal form resembling that of a line, usually articulating with opposing monoplane teeth.

In mediolateral direction, the teeth are set with no medial and lateral inclination. In right lateral position.

The posterior teeth used are nonanatomic with mandibular blade form lingualizrd teeth. Protrusion Click here to view. In effect, the occlusion is lingualized by lingualizdd elimination of contacts on the buccal cusps and by the anteroposterior arrangement of libgualized posterior teeth so that their lingual ovclusion are on or within the lingual side of a triangle from the mesial area of the lower cuspid to the sides of the retromolar pad.

Thus, the teeth are not inclined to form lingualiezd curves. A line of occlusal contacts in one dental arch opposing a flat occlusal table in the other dental arch has the potential of creating the smallest lateral component of force against the denture bases. Lingualized occlusion for removable prosthodontics.


In right lateral position, only the working side pivot will contact if the path of the condyle on the balancing side is not parallel to the occlusal plane [ Figure 4b ]. Essentials of complete denture prosthodontics. The complete denture fabrication is preceded till try in and processing of only maxillary denture is done. In centric occlusion, the contact forces are directed toward the ridges [ Figure 2a ].

Occlusal plane should be kept as high posteriorly as practical to aid in developing protrusive balancing contacts with a flat plane of occlusion. If the teeth are arranged in any other manner than described above, excessive pressure or pain is caused due to lateral interferences.

Abstract This series of articles describes about concepts of occlusion in the complete denture, fixed partial denture, and implants.

Advanced Search Users Online: Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. The posterior teeth were reduced in number from 8 to 6.

Five year cephalometric study of mandibular ridge resorption with different posterior occlusal forms. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Thus, the concept of occlusion eliminates lingualize anteroposterior or mediolateral inclines of the teeth and directs the forces of occlusion to the posterior teeth. Lea and Febiger; Tooth form was modified using flat teeth with no occlsion inclines.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part II

A method of developing monoplane occlusions. This is offsetted by narrowing of the tooth width. Nocturnal occlusal parafunction can be eliminated by removal of the dentures while sleeping, but there is still the problem of parafunction during day time. Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: Anatomic posterior occlusal arrangements have the mandibular buccal cusps occluding in the maxillary central fossae and the maxillary palatal cusps occluding in the mandibular central fossae [ Figure 6a ].


Libgualized 2—3 mm of interocclusal clearance is not needed centric relation recorded at vertical dimension at rest with 0. Ganesh Kumarand Murali Karthik.

ljngualized In right lateral position Click here to view. Accurate retentive denture bases are a requirement in this concept. This article discusses about the evolution of different concepts of nonbalanced occlusion and occlusal schemes in complete denture occlusion.

Since the area of contact is minimal, the frictional resistance is reduced.

InGysi introduced the concept of lingualized articulation. This series of articles describes about concepts of occlusion in the complete denture, fixed partial denture, and implants. Lingulaized it is polished, a 20 conical disc is attached to the palatal region of the maxillary denture. J Indian Prosthodont Soc.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part II

This decreased the magnitude of the occlusal force and centralized it to the second premolar and first molar area. The closures in all three types of teeth were oingualized close proximity to the posterior border movement.

Characteristic of this concept is the use of pantographic tracings and the transfer of these recordings to an instrument to eliminate all potential deflective contacts in the arrangement of posterior teeth. The decision as to whether to locate the ridge of contacts in the maxillary or mandibular arch depends on the factors of denture stability and esthetics. Balance was considered undesirable, as the resulting inclines would create instability of the dentures.

J Indian Prosthodont Soc ;