Su libro The Naked Ape (El Mono Desnudo), publicado en , es una Desmond Morris writes from a zoologist’s perspective and tries to describe man as if. El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Available now at – ISBN: – Encuadernación de tapa blanda – DEBOLS!LLO – Book Condition: Nuevo – COLECCIÓN.

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Refresh and try again. It is the step-back-and look-at-ourselves approach which is of real value here, not his sometimes hilarious conclusions.

El mono desnudo

I spent a year in Marbury, a non-authoritarian school modelled on Summerhill. The style of the book is not purely scientific in so far as he he makes assumptions and draws conclusions from his own experience and his research, which makes for very interesting reading, however can be interpreted as imprecise.

We are more animals then we claim and pretend to not be. That is, human breasts are actually not very good feeding devices when compared to those of other apes. It pains me that we’re so detached from our nature, causing ourselves unnecessary suffering and confusion, and that we’ve reduced the planet to it’s utility – economic utility, not utility to our survivalness – for us.

We naked apes have been so spectacularly successful as a species that we have come to think of ourselves as invincible and we are not. Written in the 70’s of the last century, this book is to technical and science minded.

Then again, a lot of scientists could benefit from that advice. I have the other two books in this series, and I can’t wait to read them next. Though still thought-provoking, much of what he says is very speculative and his views on women and homosexuality are strongly desnuso by the era in which deesmond book was written. Un saggio strepitoso, geniale e anche divertente a suo modo. The cop will shoot you.


We may drive around in fancy cars, work in skyscrapers, level mountains, dam rivers, etc. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. There are some interesting parts though, I loved the chapter about grooming and fighting sad to see that he left out the vastly different way men and women fight, but oh, I forgot, women don’t.

El mono desnudo by Desmond Morris (2 star ratings)

It’s “finders keepers”, and so dominance becomes more important. Sep 07, N. In particular his chapter on animals and humans relationship with them. Nonostante i grandi progressi tecnologici, noi siamo llibro fondamentalmente un semplice fenomeno biologico e, malgrado le nostre idee grandiose e l’alto concetto che abbiamo di noi stesi, siamo ancora degli umili animali, soggetti ddesnudo tutte le leggi fondam Un affascinante studio antropologico di fine anni 60 ma ancora sorprendentemente attuale.

One such idea I have is that clothes are something unnatural, something to be avoided.

Lists with This Book. I read that Desmond Morris said he wanted to de-mistify science Thus some satisfactory distribution of females and resources becomes necessary for social order, and this is likely where marriage and property and even government developed from. Wh Reading this book again after 37 years, I was pleasantly surprised at the relevant impact this book still has.

Come biologa e aspirante divulgatrice scientifica, non posso che apprezzare enormemente questo libro, esposto in modo chiaro, ordinato e molto scientifico. Ape and monkey society is more about competition and dominance, and dependent on nature providing food for the picking. He tends to invent just-so stories, and then act like they’re proven fact rather than what they are The style of the book is not purely scientific in desnkdo far as he mmono makes assumptions and draws conclusions from his own experience and his research, Fascinating reading and life affirming in an unexpected way.


Preview — El mono desnudo by Desmond Morris. Fascinating reading and life affirming in an unexpected way. There is a bibliography at the end for those who want to see where he got his information and inspiration.

Our success will, sooner rather than later, catch up with us because the global economy of environmental resources is, after all, finite. This kind of follows from the theory of evolution. At the time it seemed very cutting edge; now I’m not so sure.

El Mono Desnudo – Un Estudio Del Animal Humano

Given there was some interesting theories on why we like and dislike some animals, I imagined this book would be more revealing about human nature and our biology. It’s really incredible, and with sound logic.

Books by Desmond Morris.

Also his treatment of warfare is incomplete and not entirely satisfactory for me. Dssnudo Des misses, he does it with style. Morris channels Sigmund Freud and argues that religion emerges from the guilt of symbolically killing the alpha ape.