Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg: Libretto [Richard Wagner] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). German/English. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA Education Materials DIE MEISTERSINGER VON Read online or download pdf of Wagnerʼs libretto for The Master-singers of. Is it possible to avoid the antisemitic caricature that McVicar says Wagner writes into his libretto and composes into his music for Meistersinger?.

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Geh’, kleid’ dich um. Michaela Kaune, to her misfortune, was left to portray a character that the stage director seems to have no interest in at all. Sonst geht’s nicht gut! meistersiinger

Each Mastersong shall have several units in this ratio; and whoever composes a new song which does not for more than four syllabies encroach upon other Master’s melodies – his song may win a -master’s prize. Now, get to work! Admit me, Master, to your guild! The Marker is on the watch. EVA in Verzweiflung ‘s ist Beckmesser schon! But from me he wishes to know Der Schuster weckt doch stets mir Grimm! Hier gilt’s der Kunst, Let him who understands it woo me. I freely admit, what drove me from the country to Nuremberg was only my love of Art.


Half ich Euch gern bei des Guts Verkauf, Beckmesser: Or are you almost through with your chatter? Singt allein eure dummen Lieder!

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Who would seriously call this a unit? No one will heed the knight. Wie nennt er dich? He has a large folio in his lap and is absorbed in reading it.

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg libretto (English) – opera by Richard Wagner

EVA leise ‘s ist Magdalene. Ah, he doesn’t mean that. EVA From the Masters’ court. Let’s have some peace here!

Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg: Libretto: Richard Wagner: : Books

He’s even locked us in! It was very close today. EVA Then I thought: Ein andrer stellt sich zum Gericht: What an endless string of tones!

Haven’t you ever been at a song contest? And only then does the Aftersong come, let it not be short, and not too long, and let it contain no rhime which has already occurred in the stanza.

Say I’m in bed in my little chamber. I certainly esteem you as a cobbler, and as an artist I venerate you more highly still. Die Lene ist’s, ich seh’ es klar! Walther hears them too, and after a momentary pause of discomposure continues.


Masters, look at the slate: Come now, or your father will notice something! Nichts steht zu hoffen; keine Wahl ist offen! The flowered garland of fine silks – will it be awarded to the knight?

I well know all the rules, keep libgetto time and count; but leaps and superfluities may sometimes occur when the head, quite full of hesitation, makes bold to woo for a young maiden’s hand. Now you hear meistersingeg Erst aber schnell, wie ging’s mit dem Ritter? Sachs sitzt auf einem grossen Lehnstuhle an diesem Fenster, durch welches die Morgensonne hell auf ihn bereinscheint; er hat vor sich auf dem Schosse einen grossen Folianten und ist im Lesen vertieft.

Wer ist der Merker? Vermeidet, Meister, Zwist und Streit! Ich bin wohl recht dumm?