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ilícito de estupefacientes y sustancias sicotrópicas y sustituye la ley Nº inciso primero del artículo 1º de la ley Nº , a las siguientes. Art. 1°. LEY Art. 1°. D.O. NOTA. Ley Art. PRIMERO Nº 1. D.O. – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile. La Ley para personas con impedimentos: sus responsabilidades como L St., NW, Washington , U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,

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NOT foreign nationals have been deported OR detained for immigration offences no visa, overstaying visa, etc.

Legislation or policies require business to report on their actions to minimise risk of forced labour in their supply chain e. Researcher Notes Indicator met – while penalties are generally appropriate, they are not in relation to child sex trafficking cases where judges often suspended or commuted sentences. Examples of too lenient include 205007 of fines, suspended sentences, and sentences that are less than the prescribed minimum.

Government Response

The government cooperates with home country for voluntary repatriation of foreign nationals. Public corruption is criminalised in legislation. Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no evidence of mandatory reporting requirements. Researcher Notes Indicator met- the government partially fund shelter programs even if it is reported as being limited for men and leu not adequate to provide full care.

Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no information available on government reports on actions to prevent the use of forced labour in public procurement.


Researcher Notes Indicator not met- no evidence of state imposed 20570 labour found.

E the sentence imposed by the court. SOPs include for example: C as provided under paragraph 4. Researcher Notes Indicator met- all the vulnerable categories of workers are included in the relevant legislations. Researcher Notes Indicator met – article 4 prohibits all forms of trafficking, and has all three elements: Government legislation or policies state that recruitment fees payable to recruitment agencies are not charged to the employee i.

If multiple hotlines exist covering different populations and all are available in multiple languages, please rate as indicator met. NOT evidence that victims have been referred without a national system in place.

Country Data | Global Slavery Index

If government provides some physical and mental health support, but there are significant gaps not covered by INGOs or government, then please rate as indicator not met. NOT private companies conduct their own inspections. Researcher Notes Indicator met – Ratified 21 Mar If evidence that victims adults and children are detained against their will or are unable to leave unaccompanied adults or with a chaperone childrenthis meets the criteria of the indicator.

Government operated or supported witness and victim protection mechanisms exist in legislation so that victims are not intimidated or interfered with INSIDE the court. The government funds or supports birth registration systems that cover the entire population. Researcher Notes Indicator met – diplomats received specific training.


Researcher Notes Indicator met – training is pey to social workers. Insufficient punishments would include fines for modern slavery related crimes. Researcher Notes Indicator met- an agreement on international cooperation against human traffiking between Colombia and Chile exists. AND there are NO specific shelters or services for them. BBB Government response rating.

NOT general modern slavery training is provided to social workers. NOT free legal services are available for certain types of crime such as violent crime and modern slavery is not specified.

52 U.S. Code § 20507 – Requirements with respect to administration of voter registration

NOT labour inspectors are trained on modern slavery — this is covered under Milestone 1, 2. If no to 4. Evidence can include a broader government strategy that incorporates modern slavery research, the National Action Plan incorporates modern slavery research or that the National Action Plan or strategy is reviewed in line with recent modern slavery research.

Examples include cases where facilities exist but victims are not being transferred to these facilities. NOT government conducts research on child labour. NOT booklets with description of modern slavery laws have been handed out to judiciary.