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Now, I am not really versed in game design, but here are a couple of suggestions on how to improve the school. Mon Feb 08, I think it’s interesting to have some skills peak in usefulness midgame, only to fall off endgame. Complete your transmission by midnight tonight for a special free gift!

Poison magic is pretty much exactly the same now as it was before that discussion, I’ll note. IE if you want high level poison spells, you need enemies that are susceptible to the current ones later so you’ll have something to use the higher level ones on when you get them.

Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells? Acid is resisted by very few any? Interesting in that you can adjust your bonuses by using other self-poison spells, but must carefully consider whether the damage you’ll be taking from poison will be lower than the damage you won’t be taking from the enemies.

Without it, the rest of the spells don’t quite pull enough weight. Fri Feb 05, This high quality signature has been hidden for your protection. If it doesn’t fit anywhere else, it belongs here.


Wed Sep 21, 9: Mon Feb 08, 2: It’s certainly true that there are things poison doesn’t work so well on in the late game, but I think this is true of every school except perhaps earth to some degree, and pure conjurations. Right now, poison magic peaks with two level 6 spells. OP do have a point here imo.

Unless more things in extended were poison susceptible, there wouldn’t be a use for a high level poison spell comes down to being the issue. Also, come here if you just need to get hammered. Also you can hardly blame people for suggesting “firestorm but X” when there are 6 different “bolt of X” and glaciate is a real spell that is in the game UNLESS, the strongest Poison attack spell and the strongest Necromancy attack spell are the same level 6 ; after that necromancy goes into all defensive things for it’s level 8’s Borgjnor’s, Necromut, DDoor I think this topic https: Wed Nov 20, PA is the same level as Discord and Chain lightning?

Mon Mar 18, As with ambrosia, you’ll need to have the detrimental effect to keep the beneficial effect going, you lose the benefits if you cure your poison.

Sat Dec 05, 6: Poison arrow is my go-to single-target attack spell. The potential gain here outweighs the negative which doesnt exist.

Its early game is tedious. Parrow isn’t anywhere close to good enough for level 8 jeez.

Sun May 05, 8: Tue Oct 30, 7: Mon Oct 26, 1: Option 3 has been addressed somewhat recently. The negative is removing differentiation and diversity from the various schools of magic, not “no negative”, and are we really going around lfy mulberry bush again.


The New Yorker Digital Edition : Nov 17,

Remove Mephitic Cloud, and concurrently remove the gratuitous proliferation of rP in the game. That is fine, and has been sufficiently explained. Mephitic cloud is an aoe ldy, the only other aoe confusion is level 6and hex based.

Last edited by ydeve on Mon Feb 08, 8: Some possible solutions I can see from best to worst: But then it doesn’t drop out of usage until well into extended once areas either have no corpse-dropping enemies or the corpse dropping enemies are weak compared to the deadly enemies; even that is less true now because Spectral Iron Giants and Iron Giant Simulacra in Dis will work pretty effectively against Hell Sentinels and Fiends Fri Feb 05, 9: For fun, for flavor, for variety.

Fri Jul 06, It leaves the question though: I think it’s one of the most fun spells in the Wz spell book. I believe poison magic doing acid spells is somewhere on the “will not do” list.