En ortopedia, la lesión de Bankart es una rotura de la parte anteroinferior del reborde glenoideo o labrum glenoideo de la escápula, a consecuencia de una luxación anterior de hombro. Perthes lesion is variant of Bankart lesion, presenting as an anterior glenohumeral injury that occurs when the scapular periosteum remains intact but is stripped. Sometimes, glenoid bone loss accompanies a bony fragment, which is called a bony Bankart lesion. This is observed in.

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Bankart lesion | Radiology Reference Article |

Bznkart notice the high signal at 12 o’ clock red arrows. This was an incidental finding on a chest-film. They also have a typical location. Posterior dislocation Posterior dislocations himbro uncommon and easily missed, because there is less displacement compared to the anterior dislocation.

Second ed New York: How can we assess the risk of instability caused by a HSL? For the latter, there are also two methods to express the defect size: The arrow points to the cartilage defect.

W B Saunders Co. In general, the negative value of the intra-articular pressure increases linearly with an increase of downward pull. The stabilizing mechanism of the Latarjet procedure: This means that MR-arthrography with the arm in the neutral position may fail to detect the elsion tear. Hill-Sachs lesion HSL located medially: Clin Sports Medicine ; Unable to process the form.


The magnitude and direction of the resultant force by the shoulder muscles depend on the activity and position of the arm.

There are two methods to assess the risk of HSL. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Articles Cases Courses Quiz.

The shoulder almost always dislocates bahkart anterior and inferior, because motion to superior is limited by the acromion, coracoid process and rotator cuff figure.

Sometimes this makes it easier to understand the anatomy. These injuries are always located in the o’clock position because they are caused by an anterior-inferior dislocation. With the arm at the posterior end-range of movement such as abduction and external rotation, the glenoid comes to the posterolateral portion of the humeral head, where the HSL is located. No-one can tell precisely what one-third of the glenoid is.

Luxación de hombro, Inestabilidad del hombro, lesión del labrum hombro

If the arm is pulled downward sulcus testthe humeral head may translate inferiorly in varying degrees. It is a very fundamental question. Surgery of the Musculoskeletal System. Approximately half of the posterior shoulder dislocations go undiagnosed on initial presentation, because of a low level of clinical suspicion and insufficient imaging.

Now you know that you have to look for a Bankart or variant.

Imaging the joint in the ABER position is helpful in increasing detection rates. Anterior dislocation The shoulder almost always dislocates to anterior and inferior, because motion to superior is limited by the acromion, coracoid process and rotator cuff figure. Due to the ABER-position the anterior band of the inferior GHL creates tension on the anteroinferior labrum and contrast fills the tear.


Parke et al 35 evaluated engagement before and after the Bankart repair. Bankart Detachment of the anteroinferior labrum o’clock with complete tearing of the anterior scapular periosteum with or without an osseus fragment of the glenoid.

Bony Bankart lesion The above mentioned treatment strategy is for the erosion type of glenoid bone loss.

Lesión de Bankart

Hill-Sachs lesion HSL and the glenoid: Recurrent anterior shoulder instability: You can help by adding to it. In German [ PubMed ]. The lesion is best identified on MR arthrography. At the end-range of movement, a part of the shoulder joint capsule becomes tight and prevents further movement of the arm. It does not matter if the Bankzrt engages with the glenoid before the Bankart repair; what we would like to know is whether there is a remnant risk of engagement afterwards. The anterior capsule is tight; b with a large glenoid bony defect arrowthe end-range stability is still well preserved after the Bankart repair because the repaired capsule is tight and prevents the anterior translation of the humeral head.