Find great deals for LEGO Technic Motorized Bulldozer (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. : Lego Technic Motorized Bulldozer: Toys & Games. your model number. LEGO Technic Motorized Bulldozer. Compare with similar items. Motorized Bulldozer Item №: Pieces: Price: $ € $ Ages: 11 – 16 Released: June LEGO → TECHNIC → Power Functions.

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Paris Mon Jan 07, Brussels Mon Jan 28, I’m thinking of building a new Bulldozer how ever. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It’s up to you to decide whether that is what you want or not. Sinc then I bought and built almost all large technic sets besides which I dont like and Ferrari sets, which are technicaly not pure technic.

Berlin Mon Jan 07, Push a button on your remote and watch the Lego Motorized Bulldozer spring to life with every command you provide. Lego Technic Grande gru mobile pezzi. Going all yellow is is different, I think with yellow rims it looks a little better versus the grey ones, You need some yellow wedge blocks for the back to hid the battery box. Posted July 21, Even though you only get one type of motors in i still think it is just as good investment as thesince it after all got two ir receiver which are very expensive if you were to buy them separately and two controllers which also are expensive.


Customer Service

It doesn’t have many gears and virtually no mechanisms. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Edited August 18, by Erik Leppen. I’m always left wondering about the people that pay such insane amounts for MISB sets. Im considering looking for one of these sets bulldozer even tho its a few years old id still like one new if possible.

Posted July 23, edited. Vienna Sat Jan 19, However, you can find fine used on this Bricklink list for less money.

Customer Reviews Absolutely fantastic service. And I don’t have the and I have come to regret quit alot since Privacy Policy Conditions of Use. Remember that the B-model is a track loader, not a dozer.

Lego Technic 8275 Motorized Bulldozer

It was my first set after dark ages and the one I paid most for, because i did not know about bricklink, ebay and pre-holiday shop discounts, but that will probably change with Unimog. Brussels Wed Jan 09, This company is great in what they do and design.


Sometime in the winter of ”08 I even plowed through an inch of snow with it powdery snow, not the wet stuff, didn’t want to damage the motors and it went right through it, just shook leho the snow when I was done, the neighbors were impressed. Paris Mon Dec 31, Brussels Wed Jan 02, From sets, I like the set, but I can see a few things that could be changed to make it a better one.

Brussels Fri Jan 11, It is coming along nicely but I still have to work out a few more details elsewhere to complete the update.

But while I’ve paid inflated prices for sought-after sets before, I don’t do it all the time. Lego Wheels Tires 5-spoke Cover Ferrari. Skip to main content. Register a new account. Thanks for the comments.

thoughts? – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

But I am do not think is going to be as rare asunfortunately. This set is in New Sealed Condition.

That’s not entirely true.