Getting an Image on the Screen. Last Updated 3/18/ Now that you’ve. Install SDL 2 for Linux command line. Setting up SDL 2 on g++. Last Updated 6/21/ 1)Go download the source for. Render text with TTF fonts in SDL 2.

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When I finally have time again, I’ll be happy that you did. We’ll worry about the 2nd and 4th arguments in future tutorials. See when you draw to the screen, you are not typically drawing to the image on the screen you see.

Lesson 01 Hello SDL.

Is lazy foo an okay resource to learn SDL? : learnprogramming

SDL is supported by steam though, and since it’s in C, it gives you the advantage of structuring your engine more freely. SDL is a third party library so you have to set it up yourself. Can I use your flo to make a tutorial? After setting these two macros, we have the “all” target which compiles the program.

Lazy Foo’ Productions

As you would expect, the command to compile the program is largely the same as the command we would compile it off the command line. Notice that these are pointers to SDL surfaces. Lesson 03 Event Driven Programming. To make a decent 3D tutorial set, I would have to triple the size of the current tutorial set. What blitting does is take a source surface and stamps a copy of it onto the destination surface. No “recommend hardware” questions.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Texture Loading and Rendering

We should probably use more macros to make the process of adding them easier. If your question is similar to one in the FAQ, explain how it’s different. This takes in the path to the font file and the point size we want to render at.


For linux, we’ll have to include the SDL headers like too The algorithm hasn’t changed, only the tools to lay it have. Here we’ll be using SDL extension libraries and handling ssl orientation. Typically, your working directory is the directory where your executable is at but some programs like Visual Studio change the working directory to where the vcxproj file is located.

Also bundling up every tutorial for a single download would cost me hits. Sorry, but because of bandwidth issues I can’t do that.

Oh and if you see that your bug hasn’t been fixed yet, sorry that it got buried in the mass of e-mail I get. Will you be making 3D tutorials? Things are getting hectic at work again. Lesson 38 Particle Engines. Only rerender it when you need to and since we’re using the same text surface for this whole program, we only want to render once.

Lesson 32 Text Input and Clipboard Handling. Lesson 43 Render to Texture. Lesson 44 Frame Independent Movement. If the font loaded successfully, we want to load a text texture using our fooo method. Using clip rendering, you can keep multiple images on one texture and render the part you need. We want to show images inside of the window and in order to do that we need to get the image inside of the window.

Welcome to LearnProgramming!

At the top we declare and set the “OBJS” macro which specifies which files we’re compiling. It may take me a while. After your compiler compiles all your source files it has to link them together.


Resend it and I’ll get to it when I can. Lesson 40 Texture Manipulation. Here we’re adding another function to the texture class called loadFromRenderedText.

The reason we do this is because most frames require drawing multiple objects to the screen. Here we’ll using a scrolling background to give the illusion of an infinite level. The person posting this is most likely just wanting to play with 2D graphics: Here we’re compiling against SDL2.

Lesson 48 Atomic Operations. You can either configure your compiler to search in an additional directory where the SDL header files are located, or put the header files in with the rest of header files that your compiler comes with.

This is why I recommend using Make. Imagine you had a game with a brick wall that consisted of the same brick image being rendered multiple times like Super Mario Bros.

Lesson 49 Mutexes and Conditions. So, you would more likely find that SFML is much easier to use: Here we’ll using SDL 2. The header files Library. I also made the text a bit brighter to make it easier to read. Consider work is ramping up to get something shipped before Christmas, it’s going to take a little longer than already expected to get things finished. The acknowledgement can be either with in the actual game itself or in a text file distributed with the game.