First page of a Manuscript in the Biblio- theque Nationale, with the Caption THE BOOK OF LAYLA AND MAJ- NUN BY SHEIK NIZAMI Frontispiece 2. Layla and. Source: The Story of Layla and Majnun, by Nizami. Trans. R. Gelpke. Omega Publications, Darrow Road, New Lebanon, NY I liked this sweet little thing. Not well known in the West, Layla and Majnun were the “Romeo and Juliet” of Iran. The portrait of Majnun (who went mad over his.

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Mir Mohammad Taghavi Dr. It is destroyed, it is lost; what do you want from it? This morning the earth had hoisted a twin-coloured banner of red tulips and yellow roses; and the tulips threw vermilion-red petals, with black sun- spots, over the emerald-green carpet of the lawn, still glistening with pearls of dew. A History of Persian Literature. He was a wanderer who did not see where he was going, drunk with the wafting scent of love; the scent of a whole springtime is as nothing compared with it.

We must find his pearl. Put your sword back into its sheath ; you no longer need it against the defence- less men who are lying here at your feet asking forgiveness.

Majnun had been separated from Layla, yet his longing made him the slave of his imprisoned Mistress. When Majnun heard of her marriage, he fled the tribal camp and began wandering the surrounding desert. Yet this enchantress could not help herself. What did I receive in return?

Who, after all, is he? Per- haps wild animals have tom him to pieces, or even worse has happened to him.

The Complete Layla and Majnun of Nizami: Nizami, Paul Smith: : Books

It was just about to swallow it when the ant laughed and shouted: The thinkers, writers, poets Paul Smith has made available through what I would say is an almost superhuman and definitely altruistic effort are a corrective to our shrinking contact with others even as our world, as the cliche is, supposedly shrinks. Silver was offered in gleaming heaps, but it did not lighten the dark carpet of my days. Anxiety for his son sharpened his tongue.


In other words, Nizami Persianises the poem by adding several techniques borrowed from the Persian epic tradition, such as the portrayal of characters, the relationship between characters, description of time and setting, etc. Quickly she freed the dervish from his chains, tying up Majnun in his stead. There her soul, sadder than a thousand love-songs, would escape for a j while, so that she could forget herself.

The Story of Layla and Majnun

If a gust of wind sweeps by, or a cloud sails past in the sky, he majun them to be greetings from her and he thinks he can inhale her scent. Why should I be afraid, if it is you latla cuts off my head? Nothing could sweeten the bitterness which transformed his world into darkest night. The story of Layla and Majnum, a true story commemorated by a great author in Nizami, has become a byword in eastern literature and, subsequently, within the Meher Baba community, as an example of the heights to which pure love can bring the lover, even the ardor of earthly love which, at its purest and most intense, can vault one into a dimension beyond the limitations of the world into the divine experience of love for God.

With whom else could she talk about the thoughts which filled her heart? Suddenly he discovered some dots moving in the distance.

Layla and Majnun

After the serpent of darkness had swallowed the last little glass pearl of light on the horizon, they ans, and soon none of them mjnun see the others. Did she come as a victor to demand tribute from the kingdom of these gardens in all their splendour? The heart of this great man was eaten by one secret sorrow; he, who otherwise possessed everything he desired, had no son.


Is there no one who will throw me into the crocodile-jaws of death, no one who will free me from myself, and the world from my shame?

And he has also put together anthologies so an interested reader in California I would probably write “interested seeker” can get a taste and then read the complete works of a soul that particularly appeals.

Gently kissing their eyes Majnun sang: Might not a breath of wind bring a speck of dust from his mountain cave? He trusted Nawfal like a child.

My griefs and sorrows do not harass you. Get to Know Us.

All that he abd do is suck his fingers to quench his thirst. Byzantium to the west, China to the payla Europe is over the horizon.

See all 3 reviews. You are loyal, even when you niizami abandoned loyalty; I am guilty, even when I am innocent. Majnun lines from the play are sometimes confused with his actual poems. Who would do such a thing? Expelled from the land of happiness, he was now a stranger in either world. Among all these gay people, Layla alone was sad. One glance at the moon, just fourteen days old, and he decided to conquer this shining light.

In his commentary on Majnun’s speech, the narrator always takes his side, which affects the reader’s interpretation. Suddenly they realized their blindness. He who is drunk for the first time, becomes deeply drunk indeed. Whatever you l i i demand as a dowry shall be yours.