PDF | A simple summary of the philosophical consideration of the concept of difference by various thinkers ranging from Hegel to Derrida. Everything you need to understand both Laruelle’s critique of difference and his project of non-philosophy Gilles Deleuze described Laruelle’s thought as ‘one of . Everything you need to understand both Laruelle’s critique of difference and his project of non-philosophyGBS_insertPreviewButtonPopup ([‘ISBN

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It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Rodopi,laruell from the German by Mezei and Smith themselves. Choose your country or region Close.

In Chapter 6, “Critique of Difference,” Laruelle shifts toward a positive development of his own theories, and does not wait long to communicate his audacity. Request removal from index. Laruelle’s general term for his work is “non-philosophy,” and the implicit historical claim is as radical as it sounds.

Reconciling Dualism and Non-Dualism: But while Laruelle already has a sizable following of Anglophone readers who discovered him in the original French, it took until for this first book-length work to appear in English.

Immediate contact with the One differenfe the irreducible “mystic” condition for every philosophy — but not a “mystical” condition, since no superior form of initiation or spiritual praxis is required. Philosopnies Lacey marked it as to-read Apr 30, Experience and History David Carr.

History of Western Philosophy.


From the mids Larhelle was the new golden horse, and with the turn of the century Badiou assumed the mantle of the latest hero of Parisian thought. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at philosophiew time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. It is in this spirit that we must assess Laruelle’s Philosophies of Differencesince the unstated context of the book is that we are being asked to consider Laruelle as one of the formidable new French thinkers — a candidate for lasting importance to philosophy.


The One is nothing less than a “determination in the last instance,” the immediately immanent basis for all philosophical decision.

But to compile the chapter summaries above was never a pleasurable experience for this reviewer, and was often a downright painful one. Jared Alford marked it as to-read May 15, Thanks for telling differsnce about the problem.

For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Born in the same year as the already famous Alain Badiouhe is no longer young. Whoever attempts to find a “real” outside Hegel will always be accused of a relapse into Kantianism, but Heidegger purifies Kant’s thing-in-itself of any epistemological sense, giving us a radically non-relational concept of difference. In its relation to the one, a philospohies always suppressed, differential philosophy illuminates necessarily the possiblity of the non-philosophical solution non-philosohpical insofar as the one refuses any mode of autopositioning which is the basis of philosophical practice of an always immediate, irreducible real, discoverable behind any philosophical, decisional representation of it.

First, it can be questioned whether we really have a direct experience of the One at all — yet this is the whole foundation of Laruelle’s often extreme claims. Vinch marked it as to-read Lrauelle 24, Hardcoverpages.

Nor is Laruelle always polite in this claim. What Can Non-Philosophy Do?

Philosophies of Difference: A Critical Introduction to Non-Philosophy by Fran├žois Laruelle

Chapter 4, “Hegel and Heidegger,” unfolds exactly as expected. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Deleuze, Difference and the Critique of Identity.


David rated it liked it Feb 07, On to emancipated spectators. Graham Harman – – Zero Books. Jean-paul rated it really liked it Jul 02, Cole – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 47 Academic Skip to main content. Anthony Paul Smith – – Angelaki 19 2: Reasoning Anthony Simon Laden. John Mullarkey – – Philosophy of Photography 2 2: Hegelians want to subsume Heideggerian withdrawal into the “logic of essence,” but the difference of finitude from Hegel’s system is not a specific difference and thus cannot be subsumed by the dialectic.

At this stage of the book Laruelle insists rather violently on the difference between these figures, as seen from the magnificent section title: This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

Nor is he merely belittling this relatively recent list of names: The way is thereby opened for initiating a new form of thought, anticipated here with the development of a key notion of non-philosophy, the Vision-in-One.

From Laruelle’s innovative theoretical perspective, the forms of philosophical difference that emerge appear as variations upon a unique, highly abstract structure of philosophical decision, the self-posing and self-legitimating essence of philosophy itself. Anne marked it as to-read Jan 12, Sign in Create an account.

Difference as an Occasion for Rights: