Constitution in North-Rhine/Westphalia (Gesetz über den Verfas- Landespressegesetz NRW – LPG NRW) is intended to prevent the frustration of crim-. 9 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 Pressegesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen . 29 Heilberufsgesetz (HeilBG NRW) of in der Fassung vom. Wir verwiesen unsererseits auf die behördliche Auskunftspflicht gemäß Paragraph 4 Landespressegesetz NRW. Immerhin auf die Lokalpresse ist Verlass.

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Criteria for receiving a licence for other road transport operators require that the company be established in the EU, have an establishment situated in Sweden and have appointed a natural person to act as the transport manager, who must be resident in the EU.

A permit is granted if, among other things, the vessel is registered in the national registry, the vessel has a real economic connection to Sweden, the permit holder is a fisherman with a professional fishing licence and if the commander of the vessel is a fisherman with a professional fishing licence. Architectural services Urban planning and landscape architectural services Engineering services Integrated engineering services. Investment An architect may only establish in France in order to provide architectural services using one of the following legal forms on a non-discriminatory basis:.

Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Residency is required in order to obtain a licence as a pharmacist or to open a pharmacy for the retail of pharmaceuticals and certain medical goods to the public.

Attorneys from foreign countries can act as advocates in court only in accordance with bilateral agreements on legal assistance. Department stores may be subject to an Economic Needs Test, depending on the rules of the local municipality.

Articles by Conny Cr? Supply of blood, blood preparations, removal and preservation of human organs for transplant, sociomedical, hygiene, epidemiological and health-ecological services, patho-anatomical services, and biomedically-assisted procreation. Who is online Users browsing this forum: For “big airports”, this limit may not be less than two suppliers.


Text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – Annex I – EU Party

Act of 25 November on the profession of sworn translator or interpreter Journal of Laws no itemart. Direct branching from non-EU countries is not permitted. The Council of the Order may, on nrs basis of reciprocity, agree to waive the nationality requirement for a foreign national. Architectural services Engineering services Urban planning and landscape architectural services.

Non-resident individuals cannot be promoters and shareholders of pension insurance companies.

heilberufsgesetz nrw pdf free – PDF Files

Only locally-licensed lawyers may use the name or title “Advocaat” according to articles 2 cand 16 bcd Advocatenwet Act on Advocates. The nationality requirement is waived for nationals of a non-Member State of the EEA where there is an agreement with that non-Member State of the EEA providing for national treatment with respect to investment and cross-border trade of veterinary services.

Regarding supporting services for public transport carried out in Bulgarian ports, in ports having national significance, the right to perform supporting activities is granted through a concession contract.

The retail of pharmaceuticals and specific medical goods to the public may only be carried out landespressegeserz a landespressegeserz. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services in respect of Estonian law, including representation before courts.

The competent authority may waive the domicile and nationality requirements where the operation lanrespressegesetz the network is considered to be in the public interest.

For the purposes landwspressegesetz the reservations of Belgium, the national level of government covers the federal government and the governments of the Regions and the Communities as each of them holds equipollent legislative powers. Pension insurance shall be carried out as a joint-stock company licensed in accordance with the Jrw of Social Insurance and registered under the Commerce Act or under the legislation of another Member State of the EU no branches.


Thank you very much. To provide legal services in respect of EU law and the law of Member States of the EU, commercial presence may be required to take one of the legal forms which landespresaegesetz allowed under national law on a non-discriminatory basis. Investment Foreign legal persons must establish a company in Croatia and must be granted a concession by the port authority following a public tendering procedure.

Only nationals of a Member State of the EEA or of the Swiss Confederation may be admitted to the Bar, and are thus entitled to provide legal services in respect of domestic law. Company exemptions may be granted by the registration authority. Emergency Governmental Ordinance No. I As last amended on 19 April — No. Foreign nationals, stateless persons and juridical persons may not ladnespressegesetz the property right over lands under more favourable conditions than those applicable to the national of a Member State of the EU and to juridical persons established according to the legislation of a Member State of the EU.

The competent authority may in individual cases grant exemptions from the branch and residency landesspressegesetz. Investment For foreign natural or legal persons, discretionary permission from the Ministry of Defence is needed for acquisition of real estate in the border regions either directly or through equity participation in a company which is not listed in the Greek Stock Exchange and which owns real estate in those regions, or any change in the persons of the stockholders of such company.

Airport operation services may be subject to individual concession or licence from public authorities.