Lamsa Bible – New Testament. 37 · 38 · 39 · 40 · 41 · 42 · 43 · 44 · 45 · 46 · 47 · 48 · 49 · , based on Peshitta manuscripts. The Lamsa Bible is supposedly a translation of the Aramaic Peshitta Bible, authored by occultist George Lamsa. He was a very sly man. He used as his base text. The Lamsa Bible is a primary English translation of the Peshitta, so since most Americans are not versed in the Aramaic, it’s most likely the believer will.

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Lamsa Bible – New Testament

This flies in the face of mountains of scholarship pointing to the Greek as the original manuscripts for the New Testament.

Though in fact the Peshitta does not have four lines in this verse. Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Title page to the King James Version. The fact is, Milcom and Molech are one and the same, so with his bizarre treatment of the Levitical reference and the the foreign women fallacy, Lamsa painted himself into a corner with his dubious translation. No error is random, for every error is Satanically inspired as part of a larger counterfeit Spirit – an intelligent lying power that seeks laksa link together disparate error into a Peshitra like Spiritual beast.

However, Lamsa translated the same verse as.

Lamsa Bible

In this passage, Lamsa’s travesty turns this particular deity into “Malcom,” a variant of the Milcom found elsewhere in the Scriptures. Lamsa thus claimed his translation was superior to versions based on later Greek manuscripts.

In the book of Amoswe find the prophet plainly associates the name Moloch with the religion that had become commonplace in Israel: More data on the Peshitta, and other aberrant manuscripts may also be found in Satanic Translations: Branhamevangelist and personal friend to Lamsa [12] has said:.


If you are the person I just described, be advised, you haven’t much time left, for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness.

Lamsa was a strong advocate of a belief traditionally held by part of that Church; that the Aramaic New Testament of the Peshitta was the original source text, and that the Greek texts were translated from it.

George Lamsa Translation of the Peshitta – Read the Bible

Retrieved from ” https: In an age when we still have God’s inspired Word in the form of the King James Versionthere is absolutely no valid reason to consider utilizing a corrupted peshitha of the Holy Scriptures.

At Christian Mediathe Holy Ghost has taught us that the person pitching the Peshitta to you will also be the one of your acquaintance who always seems to gravitate towards some new variation of false doctrine, the latest challenge to the truth of the New Testament, or some other aberrational development.

In short, that person always resists the truth of the Holy Spirit and the true Word of God. Just like the new age Bible versions that would follow Lamsa’s folly some years oeshitta, Lucifer’s name was removed from the book of Isaiah.

Views Read Edit View history. A similar juxtaposition may be seen in another Old Testament passage peshitya the LORD restates the prohibition against giving one’s seed, or offspring, to the heathen god Moloch: There are many other examples which may be cited, but I believe I’ve made my point.

The “high places” were locales of worship, as opposed to pdshitta heathen harlot’s bed, as posed by Lamsa’s outrageous version. The powerful and anointed translation team of English scholars who brought us the Authorized Version were devout believers in Jesus Christand they were provided with the funding and the political freedom pehsitta undertake the massive task of accurately translating the Word of God in fear and trembling.

Archived from the original on He was born in Mar Bishu in what is now the extreme east of Turkey.

Thus, the whole point of the prohibition was not about foreign women per se, it was about the practices of the heathen that would then infect the LORD’s people, and sacrificing one’s child to the heathen god Moloch was at the top of the “do not do this” list. We may even conclude that God has allowed these newly discovered manuscripts and recent publications of already known scripts to come before us to prove the authenticity of what we already had.


At this juncture, I might mention that I’ve repeatedly pointed out how doctrinal error is never random, but is instead systemic. In support of this, he claimed that Aramaic was the language of Jesus and his disciples. Lamsa’s work is filled with errors, texts where he missed the primary meaning, outright bias, and what can only be considered to be the fruit of the poisoned tree that is the Aramaic translation itself.

With the financial backing of another benefactor, Mrs. He or she is the one who is always. This contrasts with the academic consensus that the language of the New Testament was Greek.

The Peshitta was written in classical Syriac, a dialect of Middle Aramaicwhich is in turn a Semitic language. And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice and said, Eli, Eli lemana shabakthan!

The review concludes by saying:. When it comes to the Hebrews interacting with foreign women, it is a given that things didn’t work out as well for Samson when he fell for the Philistine woman Delilah, but she wasn’t exactly known for her fidelity to the LORD either. This page was last edited on 26 Julyat For example, Lamsa believed it was wrong to mix the races, so he twisted verses in the Scriptures to propagate that perspective.