Start studying LAFD Library Volume 1. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying LAFD Library Books. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. This summer, MySafe:LA is embarking on a new pilot, that will hopefully add yet another dimension to our education process. We’re visiting LA.

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It is estimated that the temperature in the hallway area has reached between and degrees F. Double standards, subjective judgements and institutionalized discrimination still serve as an effective barrier against equal and fair promotional practices.

LAFD Station 37 | Friends of West LA

The Crew of E-6 provided lines off of E-4 to the east end of the building to LF who drop-bagged them up to the 3rd floor. It is opened to the public as a museum. A request is made for additional handie talkies and spare radio batteries. E was then assigned as “Water Control Officer” to insure that all of the standpipes were loaded and being pumped into.

Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and Memorial – Wikipedia

These members are to be commended for their bravery, courage, determination and outstanding effort in controlling the loss to this precious resource of the City of Los Angeles.

But Fire Station 27 has a greater purpose: The fire that remains is located in the northeast stack.


One heat exhaustion and one burned knees. Five Task Forces are requested to provide emergency relief to fire crews at the fire. Before director John Librarg could finish the sequence, the fire engines were speeding on their way to a brush fire in the Hollywood Hills.

The Stentorians have progressed and prospered over the years, becoming a well noted and respected organization in the community. Fire Attack continues in the northwest librqry. There are now 29 fire companies, 1 air ambulance, 10 command and staff officers, and 5 rescue ambulances assigned to the incident. Companies have to be rotated on the hose lines every 15 minutes.


Many, once appointed, were ostracized [6] by their fellow firefighters, so librayr model of a fraternal organization was used across the country in forming groups. Chief Creasey was assigned as Fire Attack.

Light smoke was showing from the east end roof. There are reports from members of the Attack teams that the metal of the bookshelves are bright red from heat.

LAFD Water Sweep at Mid-Valley Regional Public Library

The second black fireman, George Bright, was appointed to the Department two years later, on September 21, He found the south, west, and north sides clear. Where libragy members are treated equally, and job satisfaction is not only experienced by each member, but is also displayed to the communities in which we live and serve. Extinguishing this blaze was accomplished by the maximum commitment of bravery, courage, and determination to succeed by all those members.


It was at this time that the first two firefighter injuries occurred. The Los Angeles Times reported on the incident this way:. Hose lines also used to oafd the jackhammer crews. The Fire Marshal, Chief Drummond arrives on the scene. Alderson retired at the end of the year and Deputy Chief Frank Rothermel became interim chief engineer, and he posted until Alderson’s successor was named. TF is in charge of base. Efforts to advance hand lines into this area to effect a knock down continue.

Within those groups, black firefighters found solace among their brethren by holding their own affairs and allying themselves with other ostracized groups laf the Jewish firefighters who were mostly Irish and Catholic white firefighters opposed being part of firehouse life.

The crew went inside to the 3rd floor where they joined E-6 in an attempt to bring lines down into the fire area from the 3rd floor. Batt, Chief Lilly arrived and was assigned as Logistics. Sawdust was used to direct water out of the building.

There is also a research library and a learning center where fire and life safety lessons are taught.