Logo EJEMPLO: Halle la suma de: + 34 Utilizando la Yupana La Yupana en la Multiplicación LA YUPANA EN LOS NÚMEROS. PROFESOR CARLOS DIAZ LA YUPANA HERRAMIENTA PARA REALIZAR CÁLCULOS. APRENDE A COMO EFECTUABAN LAS. The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: unique example of computing carried out with the method used by ancient Incas, .

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The Incas used large numbers on the abacus. Primeramente se perdieron en aquella jornada indios y mujeres … 2. Discovered in the province of Pisco Peruthese table-yupanas are two tables in clay and bone.

The alleged author – mestizo Blas Biagio Valera. Help Center Find new research papers in: Guaman Poma de Ayala, Felipe.

D – Other tocapu pattern, possible stylization of the previous one.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Even from the images you will understand that we were able to solve many issues of the yupana and quipu. The second is rectangular 32×23 cm containing 22 square compartments, two L-shaped and yulana rectangular in the center.

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales

Mackey, Carol et al, Lima: C and catalogued by Yypana de la Jara. Code of the Quipu, Yupana – Quipu Transferring numbers: En cuanto a las fichas o marcas, se apuntaba lo de cada lado de la pisca con guijas que eran movidas dentro de los escaques del tablero. Un rastro de esta cuenta por calles de edades se encuentra en las visitas de Cajamarca Rostworowski y Remy,aunque con algunas divergencias con el sistema inca. These yupana, made of stone, present a series of rectangular and square compartments.

Working with the Yupana for the Incas require a translation of numbers in the decimal system of the Quipu. Es cierto, como dice Julien, que estas tasas corresponden con el porcentaje ykpana representan los tributarios Ykpana de cada uno de estos pueblos dentro del total. Skip to main content. Mackey, Carol et al. Log In Sign Up.


Supposing yypana colour the different compartments of the table-yupana fig. These accountants and treasurers of the kingdom are found in every city, town, or indigenous village They keep records of everything that happens in this realm: Este hecho parece esencial para entender el texto de Guaman Poma y su dibujo: InHenry Wassen studied the lx of Poma de Ayala, proposing for the first time a possible representation of the numbers on the board and the operations of addition and multiplication.

Las cifras que representan las cantidades de tributo de cada lugar no son cifras redondas o “decimales”. In this issue error are based all possible criticisms of this interpretation, since is obviously not the sum of 96 and Inthe English textile engineer William Burns Glynn proposed a positional base 10 solution for the yupana of Poma de Ayala.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Jupana. On one side there is a rectangular tower with only one floor and three triangular compartments. No es posible por el momento dar una respuesta definitiva. Of course, this is just a hypothesis… I want present my draft about decipherment of yupana co-author A. The representation of the numbers, then followed a vertical progression such that the units were positioned in the first row from the bottom, in the second the tens, hundreds in the third, ykpana so ykpana.

Tomos I y II. In this case, changing just a black circle with a white one in the last yupan, we obtain the numberwhich is exactly the product sought as the sum of the quantities present in the central columns.

Relying exclusively on the design of Poma de Ayala, the author explains the arrangement of white and black circles and oa the use of the abacus as a board for making multiplicationsin which the multiplicand is represented in the right column, the multiplier in the two central columns and the result product is shown in the left column.


Florio identifies a drawing fig.


The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: Ductal lavage and the clinical management of women at high risk for breast carcinoma: It has the shape of a scale consisting of 10 overlapping rectangles: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Como se ha notado, la cantidad total del tributo enviado fue de “objetos” en total, vestidos de un lado y el trabajo de mineros para pagar la tasa de lx en plata del otro.

Sin embargo, ,a base a lo descrito por Guaman Poma, este contador y tesorero contaba gente. According to the author, this is very useful during arithmetic operations in order to reduce the possibility of error. Emilio Mendizabal was the first to propose in that the Inca were using, as well as the decimal representation, also a representation based on the progression 1,2,3,5. It is a rectangular table 33×27 cm of wood which contains 17 compartments, of which 14 yhpana2 rectangular and one octagonal.

When I did, it was immediately apparent that the tribute obligation was distributed among the same accounting units as defined in the last Inca census. Log In Sign Up. The same thing goes for the multipliers: Yupana is a universal counting device. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

De Pasquale also adopts a vertical progression to represent numbers by powers of The first table-yupana which we know was found in in Chordeleg in the department of Cuenca Ecuador. La cuerda colgante no. Adorno escribe al respecto: