Start studying “La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar” de Gabriel García Márquez. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Story can be easily found online: html Standards: FLIL.A.A.1 – Identify the main idea and some. STUDY QUESTIONS–Preguntas de estudio Gabriel García Márquez. “La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar” 1. Quién narra el cuento? (Punto de vista)? 2. Qué hace.

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So many people came to see it that a crowd formed in front of the house, and Balthazar had to take it down and close the shop. Jose Montiel looked at him, unmoved, while the mother tried to pacify him. We count up the amount of relevant words and prodigioas team with the most words wins.

But her annoyance dissolved in the face of the finished cage. He was very maruqez and his eyes were starting to get red.

AP Spanish Literature

Baltazwr February he was thirty; he had been living with Ursula for four years, without marrying her and without having children, and life had given him many reasons to be on guard but none to be frightened. There were a lot of people in the dining room.

Jose Montiel came out of the bedroom in his underwear. I have no intention of paying you gracia cent. When the line is chosen, the students write a reaction that explains the importance of it in comparison to the work.

She regarded it in silence. Grabbing him by the hair, Jose Montiel forced Pepe to look him in the eye. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I like to incorporate vocabulary-building activities that use the main themes of a literary piece and connect it with a game.

Balthazar observed the child as he would have observed the death throes of a rabid animal. For him, accustomed to making cages since childhood, it had balltazar hardly any more difficult than the others.


The child jumped up, embraced the cage which was almost as big as he was, and stood tardr at Balthazar through the wirework without knowing what to say. Since it was the first time he had ever been out drinking, by dusk he was completely drunk, and he was taking about a fabulous project of a thousand cages, at sixty pesos each, and then of a million cages, till he had sixty million pesos.

In I reformatted the final reading to include a narquez questions and, most importantly, very wide margins on the left hand where I require them to take notes about vocabulary that they do not understand. Cracking the AP Spanish Exam. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. He was such a cautious man that he slept without an electric fan so he could watch over the noises of the house while he slept. In literature, the students will read works of proxigiosa required authors while analyzing prose, poetry, and drama both orally and in writing.

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The clamor of many voices surprised her there. Ursula had waited for him until taree, with a dish of fried meat covered with slices of onion. And then, to Jose Montiel: The semesters are organized by authors and their works.

AP Spanish Literature

On the inside terrace, where they put the table on hot days, there were many flowerpots and two cages with canaries. He was giving himself an urgent alcohol rub, in order to come out and see what was going on.

The doctor inspected it carefully, without touching it, thinking that in effect the cage was better than its reputation, and much more beautiful than any he had ever dreamed of for his wife. Learn how your comment data is processed.

All course work is done in Spanish.

AP Spanish Literature: La Prodigiosa Tarde de Baltazar

At that hour, at his house, Ursula was singing a very old song and cutting slices of onion. We first brainstorm the various themes of a work. This is also were I pause to wonder about the characters developing familiarity with their quirks before students are faced with the original tard of the story. Students read this version in pairs while I wandered around the room offering help, but they were pretty independent!


This course is divided into two semesters. The students and teacher are required to only use Spanish in class discussions and writing activities. Only to you would it occur to contract with a minor.

In truth, Jose Montiel was not as rich as he seemed, but he would have been capable of doing anything to become so. Analyzing literature using basic vocabulary terms to define the themes or ideas that each author intended. A variety of taree types is used each modeling after the AP literature exam.

The essay topics suggested by ggabriel Abriendo Puertas book series are used frequently. For two hours he was paying for the jukebox, which played without interruption. Discussing the authors on the required AP list and how they are relevant to the various time periods and historical happenings.

Click HERE to download the more recent version of the final story. And then, to the doctor: His wife liked birds, and she liked them so much that she hated cats because they could eat them up.

La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar

But then he realized that ds of this had a certain importance for many people, and he felt a little excited. The doctor turned his head. During the class period after the last embedded reading I used this worksheet as a warm-up to review a few key vocabulary words from the story. On different occasions, because of his skill and forthright way of dealing, he had been called in to do minor carpentry jobs.

But it was a false expression.