FERRADA AGUILAR, Andrés. Ficción y metaficción en la narración de Arthur Gordon Pym de Edgar Allan Poe. Rev. signos [online]. , vol, n Edgar Allan Poe’s only novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket is a pivotal work in which Poe calls attention to the act of writing and to the. Richard said: Dear The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, I love you. I.. Capisco l’ intento e mi posso immaginare che spostare in narrativa, in letteratura gli orrori.

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He also drew from his own experiences at sea. The color white is alien to the island’s inhabitants and unnerves them, narraccin nothing of that color exists there.

Oct 03, Sandy rated it really liked it. He’d absolutely lose his sanity, and if he was born now and grew uo in our time, he’d probably be prescribed something for claustrophobia and not be morbidly obsessed with death. Secret Writing from Edgar Poe to the Internet. Whiteness and the Literary Imagination”, Morrison discusses how the Africanist presence in the novel is used as an ” Other ” against which the author defines “white”, “free”, and “individual”.

Ficción y metaficción en la narración de Arthur Gordon Pym de Edgar Allan Poe

Difference is not, in itself, interesting or useful. Trivia About The Narrative of Nov 20, Paul rated it did not like it Shelves: Published inthis rousing sea adventure follows New England boy, Pym, who stows away on a whaling ship with its captain’s son, Augustus.

Poe gives a resounding description of terrible circumstances which befall Pym. Pym had died before handing in the last two chapters. Over the following godron, the men face death by starvation and thirst. What in the world was going on?

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket and Related Tales

Poe’s novel was also an influence on H. His short stories show some of the same threadbare symptoms, where images, actions, feelings, and plot elements are mulched, composted, and re-sodded as Poe twists back on himself, thumbing through the familiar seeds of his obsessions. According to that online font of knowledge called Wikipedia, Poe himself called this “a silly little book,” and in some ways he’s definitely right. I feel like, because Poe wasn’t accepted during his tome but he has such a strong cult following glrdon, that it’s really easy to say stuff like ‘oh, he was born before his time,’ or ‘if he was alive now, he’d be so widely loved,’ etc.


Keely rated it liked it Shelves: Scholars, including Patrick F. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The real Poe was born to traveling actors in Boston on January 19, Similarly, Pym dies before finishing his story, before revealing to us what horrible fate awaits him at the bottom of the world. Pym has become, with no explanation given, a great influence on Captain Guy and encourages an exploration of the antarctic ocean.

A series of adventures ptm each more farfetched than the previous. From then on murder follows mutiny, with shipwreck and cannibalism in close succession. My research into all and every one of my ingenious choices ended with Edward’s detailed review of the book. I wish I hadn’t read the appendix; the end to the main narrative was so shocking and unexpected, so good. It is frequently called the break-bones, or osprey peterel. The fact that the vast wastelands and dangers of ocean travel allow Poe to exercise his tendencies towards morbidity by creating awful but qrthur plausible scenarios of violence and deprivation there’s a lot of “survival horror” here, full of anguish and hopelessness is also kind of interesting – Goddon exercises a fascination with the fears allied with sea-travel known from classical narratives and culture mutiny, “Raft of the Medusa”, plague ship scenarioswith a feeling of the isolation of the ocean serving as a kind of “blank canvas” on which amoral acts and awful, unfair events can transpire under the eye of God.

As the ship draws close, their joy at the prospect of rescue turns to mortal terror; the unmistakeable scent of death wafts toward the survivors, and they realize the ship’s deck is loaded with corpses, and its captain is lashed to the wheel, animated by the motion of a giant seabird intently devouring his innards.


And the weird figures he drew So, we get a short adventure, then a long period of slowly-building psychological horror, then an impersonal summary of nautical miscellanea. Thomas, Remarkable Events and Remarkable Shipwrecks gordob, from which he quotes verbatim.

PaperbackWorld’s Classicspages. Books by Edgar Allan Poe. The natives’ relationship with the sailors is initially cordial, so Too-Wit and the captain begin trading. The story really pulled me in, even as it got stranger and more outlandish. But then the story changes direction. Yes, yes, there are those long passages about rookeries and longitudinal markings, but don’t skim those beauties. Poe’s story also forms a part of our literary history, paving the way for the mix of horror and science fiction practiced by both Kipling and Lovecraft.

Arthur was just a rich twit Poe gives a resounding description of terrible circumstances w Poe himself summed up my thoughts about this novel when he said it is “a very silly book”. He also returned to his focus on short stories rather than longer works of prose; Poe’s next published book after this, his only completed novel, was the collection Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque in Me and Raymond Chandler have been seeing each other lately, and I think I might pursue that a little.

The first chapter tells a drunken adventure of these two boys. Feb 21, Diana DeCameron rated it liked it. The work is split into a preface and 25 chapters.

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket

This felt like a generic 19th century novel, and along with that came the long digressions on subjects not terribly relevant to the plot. The characters got themselves into plenty of life or death situations, but I never felt moved.

Some authors are meant to write short stories and some authors are poets. This ship is on a fur collecting expedition and it continues to slaughter lots of seals.

Return to Book Page. Sep 15, Shaudee rated it really liked it.