Buy La Historiadora Translation by Elizabeth Kostova (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Comitiva de embusteros: una novela de la peste. Buy La historiadora by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA (ISBN: ) from Instantly receive a £20 Gift Card if you’re approved for the Amazon . Exploring her father’s library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters that will plunge her into a quest for the truth.

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Some chapters are being told by the “dad” charachter- Paul. I also rather enjoyed the sub-plot about the protagonist’s parents.

Lucky for me I put these feelings aside long enough to read the first chapter after which there was no looking back. As every goodreader knows, book collecting is an addiction and so imagine having over years in which historiadoa collect and hoard piles of papery goodness?

Clearly Kostova is very influenced by Gothic and Victorian writers like Stoker, so maybe this book would have a grand payoff of an ending to merit the praise and best-sellerness. Did you ever for a moment think upon the complete absurdity of the letters and the storytelling, particularly when said letters and kostoa stories were told in excruciating minutiae.

The author is at least historiadota thorough-going plotter and she paces everything beautifully, setting up revelations with periodic sparks. Okay, so sometimes books have to start slow.

You, as an adult, should know better than to buy into this book’s aesthetically pleasing, inconsequential claptrap. Some are being told by the “daughter” charachter. There should be grand guignol violence. You will graduate from college. It spans centuries, countries and strains all credulity.

Fourth time for me to read this gothic novel about Dracula both the historical figure and the vampire and those hunting him, and boy does it still amaze me!

At the end of the book, when each person finally confronts Dracula in their time, it is revealed that Dracula himself is a lover of history and books and has been building up his library for hundreds of years with the hope of having every old book and important piece of writing in history at his finger tips, all he needs is a librarian to maintain it, of course they need to be turned undead so that their duties as librarian will last as long as Dracula is alive.


La Historiadora

Open Preview See a Problem? The premise for this book was really intriguing but the story gets lost in page after page of unrelenting descriptions and cryptic dialogue. Thirst is the most basic human experience, and all vampires started as humans. One even takes an entire chapter. The Historian is not exactly a bad read, although truthfully I can’t exactly call it a good novel either; it is in fact a curious modern document from an older age, a novel that feels like it was written years ago even though it was actually less than five.

For me this book reads like a travelogue, a paean to history, and a love story, with the horror of unspeakable evil and the race to save loved ones the glue that binds it all together. I didn’t have any problem with the Rossi letters set in the s. I purchased The Historian back inand it has sat on my bookshelf ever since. Just about everything spoken is exposition. Throughout the novel we find that each character who has become obsessed with the legend of Vlad Tepes possesses a similar book that came to them under curious circumstances.

Such as characters getting together romantically, well, just because. The book is entrancing, but a bit slow at times when progressing through over 22 CD’s.

La Historiadora : Elizabeth Kostova :

When he shows this book to his mentor, Professor Rossi, it sets into motion a chain of events that lead him from his university in London, to Constantinople, Romania, Bulgaria and eventually the Transylvania province of Walachia. Is that realistic in any way? This book is impossible to resist. Hisoriadora I waited I poked up the fire, added another log, set out two glasses, and surveyed my desk.


This book is dramatic rubbish, artistic gibberish. Where are the sleepless nights I was promised? Let me describe the ways this book sucked.

The Historian

Step into the pages and begin an eerie, haunted, hypnotic adventure thoroughly saturated in ancient history and historiavora, exotic, old European churches, monasteries and libraries that are positively brimming with ancient parchment and long, forgotten maps and books. At one point, the Paul letters decide to get a little meta, so that there is a letter within a letter.

The research goes so far as to include a number of “fake” source documents. The dust jacket alluded to sleepless nights filled with suspense and horror. I myself found it difficult to even finish, simply because I grow tired of overwritten prose and gaping plot-holes very easily; but there are millions of others who are passionate fans, and they can’t be entirely discounted in my review just because I in particular didn’t care for it.

La historiadora: : ELIZABETH KOSTOVA: Books

When do we get introduced to Dracula?????? I kept waiting for the story to take off and for something, anything, exciting to happen. Of course Dracula being Dracula he and his undead minions will stop at nothing to protect their secrets, including the location of Vlad the Impaler’s grave.

This is actually the second time I’ve read this book. See our Returns Policy.

Actually, I’m doing a little research on it myself. Exposed neck area for easy biting. Lists with This Book.