L’auteur de L’attrape-cœurs est mon écrivain préféré, il a 88 ans et j’en Salinger told Whit Burnett his writing teacher at Columbia University. Holden Caufield, 16 ans, est renvoyé du collège Pencey, où il ne fait pas grand- chose. Aussi désoeuvré que désabusé, il traîne dans les rues de New York au. Les meilleurs extraits et passages de L’Attrape-cœurs sélectionnés par les lecteurs. – page 9.

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The …more It’s not about the story.

It is interesting that he nearly constantly refers to her as old Phoebe when really she is much younger than him. This was true, too, of the famously reclusive Salinger, who retreated to Cornish, N.

Why this novel would inspire him to kill John Lennon is beyond my wildest beliefs See all 95 questions about L’attrape Coeurs…. This is wh I am not sure if I want to give salingger book a 3 or 4, lets split the difference and say 3.

Salinger died of natural causes on January 27,at his home in Cornish, Xoeur Hampshire. He atyrape from an upper class Jewish family and they lived on the upper west side of Manhattan on Park Avenue. However, the two things that attracted me to the novel in the first placereally ended up taking away from it, too. He drifts through the seedy side of life for a couple of days before feeling pulled homeward to his sister and then a teacher.

L’attrape Coeurs

The book takes a montagelike form: I think I might codur liked the book better if I had not picked it up having heard for years how life changing it was. That this book could have become a classic confirms that it is not just a couple of us who felt alienated from the Real World while growing up.


The story is simple. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye until the police arrived and arrested him. Around the Year i We think that from the sources that we have, that the work will be published in irregular installments between and He is unlikable and selfish although in his heart he does not want to be either of those things.

While The Catcher in the Rye can definitely be relatable to teens and strikes chords where it is designated to do so, I cannot say that this was an enjoyable novel and that Holden Caulfield was an enjoyable character. Raised in Park Avenue atttape, J.

He affects me A LOT. He was living with PTSD throughout his life.

L’attrape-coeurs – Jerome David Salinger – Google Books

Within the first few chapters I was quickly enjoying the seemingly endless humor, and the way Holden was blunt about everything he experienced in life. There are no interviews, no audio recordings, very few pictures. The novel’s protagonist Holden Caulfield is a typical teenage navel gazer who derides everyone else for being part of the problem, while never taking the time to look in the mirror. She said, in an interview in the film and book, that Mr.

In short, we cope.

The most I could recommend The Catcher in the Rye for is a light rent or a cheap buy. It’s about the context of the story.

L’attrape Coeurs by J.D. Salinger (3 star ratings)

And they were divided by war. We have to consider it in the context of the era attfape which this book was released. I think I enjoyed this book more than this review is really showing, but I think the book has probably dated and so it is much less shocking than I guess it would have been in If you like snarky and blunt characters with a mix of self-loathing and doubt, you’ll love Holden Caulfield as much as I did.


Yes, I like characters a lot. And he coeue to Cornish, New Hampshire, and he never looked back. Together, the salingeer and book provide a highly detailed, if somewhat unconventional, tour through the life of an author who landed with the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, was among the first to enter the Kaufering IV death camp during his service with counterintelligence troops, suffered mental collapse, then returned to the United States — with a German wife, Sylvia Welter — where he found literary fame.

The title relates to Holden imagining himself in a field of young children playing tag, catching them lest they get too near to a cliff a metaphor for descent into the depravity of adulthood.

BUT still wanting to feel surrounded by people. L’attrape Coeurs by J.

Salinger instructed his estate to publish at least five additional books — some of them entirely new, some extending past work — in a sequence that he intended to begin as early as I have maybe 10 days a year where Coeue complain a little bit about something, but for the most part, my mouth is shut and I do what I’m supposed to do.

But I’ll say this: He meets teachers at their homes, engages in banters with his roommates, dances with women about ten years older, meets with nuns, and comes into contact with a prostitute There is so little material on Salinger; there are none of the traditional tools you have.