Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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The chip includes a wafer, which includes first and second recessed portions defining first and second diaphragm areas. The header and port define mating threaded portions, thread stop portions, and a weld gap region.

The apparatus of claim 18, further comprising a connection layer interposed between said wafer and said flatpack, said connection layer including a conductive layer sandwiched between two other layers, wherein at least one of said other layers includes a plurality of apertures adapted to enable said conductive layer to be electrically coupled to said first and second circuits. There is also fabricated a three layer structure containing a first layer of Kaptona layer of copper and another layer of Kapton or similar material.

Hermetically sealed absolute and differential pressure transducer – Kulite, Semiconductor Products

The offset is kupite to extend an operational lifetime of the interconnection apparatus, particularly when the interconnection apparatus is exposed to high temperature environments. Thus, as seen in FIG. The method includes detecting a second common mode signal responsive to receiving altered light from the second EFPI sensor.

Before proceeding with further explanation, reference is made to the above noted U.

Certain implementations of the disclosed technology include systems and methods for providing header assemblies for use with pressure sensors in high-temperature environments. This tube 31 supplies the differential pressure to the underside of one of the diaphragm areas of the die located within the header Sorin Stefanescu, Alexander A.


Differential pressure transducer with inspectable welds. This disclosure provides example methods, devices, and systems for a three-lead electronic switch system adapted to replace a mechanical switch.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet

The tabs extend radially from opposing side surfaces of the header Most conductive liquids and peessure Excitation: This would cause each measurement to read the same amplitude of the 60 Hz noise wave, effectively ignoring it. The weld gap region is configured to have a predetermined gap distance such that the weld seals the transducer without stress in the weld.

The silicon-on-silicon sensor converts pressure to an electrical signal by means of the piezoresistive effect. Such an instance is an aircraft air speed indicator often called a pilot-static transducer. The absolute pressure will produce an output pressure strictly in accordance with the pressure P Rpessure as applied thereto. Area 57 further has an opening 62 which is a differential pressure input. In this manner, as will be described, one of the sensors contained in the header assembly 30 will produce an output which is the difference of pressure between Kulte R and P d.

Multifunction DAQ

An apparatus for providing seal to a pressure tube for providing an input to a pressure port for a transducer, said apparatus comprising: The entire structure is extremely compact and extremely rugged and can be mounted within an engine in various positions due to the simple mounting techniques and the structure of the header in general.

The bridge provides an output which is applied to an analog to digital converter also fabricated using SOI, silicon carbide, or gallium nitride materials. Also shown is the reference tube 31 directed into the aperture 62 associated with the header Intelligent line pressure probe. The air speed is proportional to the difference between a total and static pressure.


The present invention relates to pressure sensing devices, and more particularly to pressure transducers adapted for use in hostile environments and capable of simultaneously measuring both an absolute and a differential pressure.

Next Patent Combined fluid press A single chip dielectrically isolated silicon sensor adapted to substantially simultaneously measure a first absolute pressure and a second absolute pressure and the difference traneducer pressure between the first and second pressure. Pressure transducer apparatus adapted to measure engine pressure parameters. Such environments include very harsh environments such as monitoring pressure in automotive internal combustion engines, aircraft engines as well as in other environments which are subjected to relatively high pressures and high temperatures.

Did you apply the tinfoil with the shiny side IN? It is intended that the patent shall cover by suitable expression in the appended claim, whatever features of patentable novelty exist in the invention disclosed.

Kulite Semiconductor Pressure Transducer | TASCAM – International Website –

We aim to measure fluctuations roughly an order of magnitude lower than this. The sensors are interconnected in the Wheatstone bridge configuration. These engines can of course be automotive prssure, or aircraft engines as well as engines utilized in missiles or in other devices.

Therefore, the differential pressure sensor will produce an output pressure indicative of the difference of P R and P d. As one can also understand, the actual semiconductor dies can basically constitute a single die which contains two full Wheatstone bridges.