contours, these versatile all-rounders also guarantee efficient offline programming. The advantages: high adaptability and simple programming. KUKA KR WORKING IDEAS. TECHNICAL DATA. KR KR KR 60 L KR 60 . KUKA. Ro b o te r. G m b. H,. G e rm a n y. Volumen. Volume. KR KR KR 30 L KR KR 60 L KR 60 L trol cabinet, teach pendant (KUKA smartPAD) and connecting cables (Fig. 1).

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Kuka robot KR | Eurobots

Advantages Robust and reliable The robot has been systematically designed for 30-33. The robot has been systematically designed for durability. Documents for KR C.

You can count on the KR 30 to operate reliably over long periods even under extreme conditions. The KR 30 can also be programmed very easily and precisely offline.

Suitable for this applications Plastics processing machines Handling for other machines Measuring, testing and inspection Handling for metal die-casting machines Palletizing Stamping, forging and bending Other handling operations Cutting machine tools Packaging and order picking Laser welding Arc welding Other welding or Other coating operations Application of adhesives, sealants or similar materials Laser cutting Machining Other 3-3 operations Waterjet cutting Befestigen und Pressen Other assembly processes Assembly, inserting and mounting Soldering.


Please update your browser for ideal presentation kkua the website. Maximum availability allows for planning security. Documents for KR 30 HA. Handling, welding, adhesive bonding, foundry work or even automated sewing processes — there is virtually no application that our KR 30 cannot master.

We use cookies to offer you the best service online, as well. Our range offers you an impressive level of diversity with numerous options and special variants.

Documents for KR 30 L F. With its payload of 30 kilograms, its reach of up to 3, millimeters and flexible mounting position floor, ceiling, wall or inclined positionthe six-axis robot is a true automation professional.

Documents for KR 30 L C. Flexible and versatile The KR 30 can be flexibly adapted to the specific application. Documents for KR C-F. Documents for KR F. This makes the six-axis robot perfectly suited to applications such as component handling, component measurement or laser applications.

Documents for KR KS. This provides the utmost precision and shortened cycle times. In addition to ceiling, wall and floor-mounted installation, the robot can also be installed at any given angle.


The KR 30 can be flexibly adapted to the specific application. Thanks to its FEM-optimized structure, the Juka 30 is extremely stiff, thus compensating for any process kf that are generated.

The motors and gear units are optimized to ensure a high level of performance.

KUKA KR 30-3

Documents for KR 30 L More under Privacy Policy. You are using an outdated browser version of the Internet Explorers.

Documents for KR Fast and precise Thanks to its FEM-optimized structure, the KR 30 is extremely stiff, thus compensating for any process forces that are generated. Position repeatability ISO By offering versatile variants such as high-precision, shelf-mounted or foundry robots, we have opened the door to a broad range of other industries that demand exactly what the KR 30 provides: