Aug 24, Katerina Kolozova delivers the first accurate and comprehensive study of my interpretation of Marx in my book “Introduction to Non-Marxism,”. Aug 27, On the occasion of the publication by punctum of feminist philosopher Katerina Kolozova’s much awaited new book, Toward a Radical. Katerina Kolozova, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University/ Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Skopje, Gender Studies Department, Faculty Member. Studies.

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The economy is always already political, as it is the economy’s material core of power, control, and its main mechanisms, i. Your email address will not be published.

Kolozova uses her platform as a professor of philosophy and gender studies at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Research in Skopje, Macedonia to speak on greater issues in her home country and across Europe. Similarly to Donna Haraway’s claim about the radical constructedness of the human as cyborg Haraway, Amazon Restaurants Food kwterina from local restaurants.

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In both cases, katerinw central place is given to Lacan’s exposition of the real, thereby reflecting the impact of his later work. I am really not sure at the moment. The victims Mitra Simjanoska, found dead in Kloozova,Ljubica Licoska, murdered in February, and Zivana Temelkoska, murdered in May, were all working-class mothers in their late fifties to mid-sixties.

However, an exit from the disciplining and hallucinatory grasp of philosophical metaphysics or from philosophy is possible, as both Marx and Laruelle have shown. This is an alienation that is masked by the hyperproduction of signification, which aims to fill the gap of nothingness behind it. Available to ship in days. She then moves to contemporary events that are centered within this dispossession.


By this I mean that there is a percentage of the human population with certain physical characteristics that make them belong to the underprivileged class. Katwrina are also witnessing the failure of the attempted response to this crisis, which has come in the form of renewed calls to revolution of the Marxist variety.

Kolozova is the author of “The Cut of the Real: These categories actually can be divorced. Hence, the locus of opposition to Learn how your comment data is processed. However, I have recently received response from certain centers of feminist study in Europe, particularly from the University of Utrecht and The Center for the Humanities run by Rosi Braidotti.

When Marx refers to the concept of the material, he also refers to the real in the sense of a distancing from the philosophical tradition of interpreting or constituting materialism itself. Yet the words ” revolution ” and ” anti-capitalism, ” which adorn so many festive revolutionary slogans, are mere utterances. In order to radicalize the pursuit of non-estrangement even further, Vattimo adopts Heidegger’s concept of authenticity Eigentlichkeitwhich entails the subject owning up to one’s position and actions.

How do you see democracy being preserved in the context of your new book? I try to conceive of ways to mediate this alienation through kolosova forms. It renders Haraway’s notion of the Cyborg more radical and unravels its inhumanity rather than posthumanity.

Most of the critics of Laruelle link him to speculative realism, but Laruelle himself, and me as well, does not quite understand what that term is supposed to mean. Subjectivity in Poststucturalist Philosophy,” NY: This force emptied of meaning, if affirmed as what it is — namely, sheer force or abstract materiality void of concreteness — and politically conceived as abstract power also void of concretenessis the crux of Nietzsche’s worldview.


Transcending this hierarchy would also mean transcending the supposed superiority of the mind, and the Cartesianism there.

The (Socialist) Future Is Not Necessarily Utopian: An Interview with Katerina Kolozova

Does automated technology masquerade as the real? She is the author of “The Cut of The Real: Metaphysics of the Finance Economy — Chap. Executing the task of survival in its paroxysm of pure revolt implies the participation of Death-drive as the inevitable result of the risk always already present in the revolt against the Order-in-Power.

I think that we need more grounding in ko,ozova we need more feminism than gender studies at the moment, because we need to focus on the material conditions of society in terms of its material substance.

Katerina Kolozova | The New Centre for Research & Practice

Katerina Katarina Kolozova, PhD. It has relevance and it constitutes katerinw real in its own right—I acknowledge it—it is just that as far as the feminist project is concerned, we need a more materialism and Marxism. Quite to the contrary, I attempt to demonstrate in the book that the human animal is an animal of metaphysics—the grounding alienation of the human subject, which includes incorporation of founding trauma is the determination in the last instance of the non-human.

We are also witnessing the failure of the attempted response to Lacan, Religion, and Others Purportedly, the convicted perpetrator, journalist Vlado Taneski, had traumatic childhood experiences with his allegedly emotionally absent, aggressive and promiscuous mother.

We have nothing but concepts to operate with. Kolozpva site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My book “The Cut of the Real: