“The Growth of the Soil” is the novel by Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun which won him the Nobel Prize in Literature in Stylistically it has a simplicity which. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 18 by Knut Hamsun. Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. GROWTH. OF THE. SOIL. KNUT HAMSUN. Translated from the Norwegian of by W.W. WORSTER. [ORIGINAL TITLE “MARKENS GRØDE”]. Chapter I.

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Growth of the Soil

He was a great friend of Isak and helped him sell his land, release Inger from prison, and give advice on selling the mine. Despite the fact that this book won Hamsun a Nobel Prize in Literature, it is often Hamsun’s most misunderstood novel.

Isak asked passing by Lappsnomadic indigenous people, to tell women that he is in need of help on his farm. You can still find traces of Knut Hamsun’s epic tale of the quiet, monosyllabic farmer life in Norway in the rural dialects, superstitions and conservative mindset. That is what I should wish to do on this great occasion, this last opportunity og me. Wish I’d read this soon after Hunger back in or so. Isac was an Humsun’s idea of an ideal man – and like all writers wanting to depict their idea of ideal man, Humsun seems to have forgotten that people are diverse.

All manner of drama develops, most of which would violate the Geneva Conventions on Spoilers if I told xoil. Which is why, despite my thin veneer of urbane culture, I feel something like nostalgia for some aspects of this rural existence.


I had loved “Hunger” by him but this book indeed surpasses it. As part of the plot the author shows that the apparent easy wealth from mining is illusory. No longer had she the harelip but merely a scar on her face. Understanding the dynamics of remote farmer communities is still relevant, and Hamsun’s griwth perceptions and colorful descriptions open up a a strangely closed world and make it accessible to a wider, international audience.

For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

Books by Knut Hamsun. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat So the novel reconstructs the most primordial and unconscious poietic process that makes human existence possible: It is enough to infuriate any person with a beating heart.

Geissler had finally sold his land and the mine was operational again. It was too late as the baby had already succumbed to drowning. From the strange secti Despite the fact that this book won Hamsun a Nobel Prize in Literature, it is often Hamsun’s most misunderstood novel.

His first novel, Hungerwas an immediate critical success; he went on to write the novels MysteriesPanVictoriaand The Growth of the Soilthe last of which earned him the Nobel Prize in Literature in It sounded like a familiar myth, something inevitably written by someone who has never experienced rural deprivation.

But I have never yet found the ghe.

It was directed th Gunnar Sommerfeldt who also wrote the script and played the role of Lensmand Geissler. However, there’s something new added to my usual stew of complaints: Isak was a pioneer of the soil, he started with nothing and built a great farm out of it.


Growth of the Soil – Wikisource, the free online library

o One October day, the Lensmand and a man showed up at their doorstep to investigate and find evidence pertaining to the crime. Hamsun obviously has a message, and I’m not buying it. He represents the intellectual of the family. Barbro, in the heat of the argument, confessed that she had once killed another baby and threw it off a boat.

This is a book of survival but with a man who is so happy with his new found state. He has many sheds, fancy tools such as gift from Geissler and a mining operator, good land, an advanced irrigation system, and more knur which gains him the admiration of many.

Growth Of The Soil

Jan 01, Aubrey rated it liked it Shelves: In the wilds the contact is direct and immediate; it is the foothold upon earth, the touch of the soil itself, that gives strength. In solitude and silence only are we given the unique shape the pressure of the world reveals for us, as irreducibly singular existents.

I have, however, learned something from everyone and what man is there who has not learned a little from all?