Ken Bakeman’s experiences with Reptilian friends and foes. View the profiles of people named Ken Bakeman. Join Facebook to connect with Ken Bakeman and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptiliansby Ken Bakeman INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS ABOUT.

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That is because they bakfman created by technologies and methods alien to man. All religions cultivate faithless followers. Prior to the twenty thousand years intergalactic war circa ,BCEarth supported three moons. It is an issue that always pops up with these aliens.

Those genuinely interested in more details may contact me by e-mail quick2learn. Where there once were eyes that no longer bakmean, perceptions are acutely altered. I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in keh notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Simon Parkes’ interview by a Polish woman. Even so there has been no concrete evidence of him since his sudden and kwn disappearance a few years back. The ancients knew and taught though all constructive records have either been lost or made obsolete there were three basic natural forms of sexual intercourse: They have four fingered claws with webbing. Consequentially, as they had reduced powers, resistance pockets of this downgraded DNA had no choice but to seek refuge from the four corners of existence and, over billions of years, communities displaced and remained unknown to each other.


Nevertheless, there is a genuine extraordinary history ke to be explored should cameras ever be allowed to venture forth into erstwhile forbidden zones. The aura might best be compared to a hot flame, its outer essence being the brightest and most vital.

Never before had I seen any physical source validating my information on Ciakar genetic origins. We have no cast iron comparisons, so science is reduced to ,en on the matter.

Moving On With Ken Bakeman Over Christmas

These corporeally select the life body for mutual development i. To file a notice of infringement with us, you must provide us with the items specified below.

Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, who was also abducted once, noticed the same thing: During the so-called mind-scan they look into the eyes of an abductee at very close distance mere inchesby which they can penetrate into the brain’s functions and thus also control bodily functionsand into one’s mind.

Without mercenary mobs, such as ISIS and Al-Qaedareligious doctrine would have just about no place in cosmopolitan societies all over the globe.

Where is the enigmatic Ken Bakeman?

Sadly, without immortal record, history is forsaken. There are exceptions with Mary Rodwellto her credit, promoting the lighter side of herpetological heritage in more recent times. This lower class of Greys has no or very little emotions, and they carry out their work often disregarding krn emotional or physical pain abductees sometimes endure. Cultivating gene hierarchies is Draco heartland, so this is important. Scripts represented the sole common language. Keh circumstances to justify efforts, they can even appreciate detestable acts.

Before me was a distinctly bug-like man complete with characteristically spiky protruding limbs. Psychic Ellie Crystal once was in communication with a Mantis being, and she had this to say about it: For instance, acupuncture and to some degree hypnosis is made possible by it.


Though the Apaches offer no timelines, my creation sources imply altercations ended around ,BC by our timescale. The second part of his account concerning his meeting with Renjeck begins with the switched off radio wireless talking to him in a deep baritone voice.

Illustrations by Ken Bakeman – Graham Hancock Official Website

As a fellow author, I know the streets are not paved with gold for anyone writing about exo-political affairs. From the little I have read, Ken never challenges belief systems. These psychic abilities are very important because they are and will be used for the control of humanity at present and in the near future.

Per that equation, physical clutter has the dual metaphorical role of constantly amplifying meta-physical purpose.

The mind is not illusory steam. Core 4D reptilians of a particular persuasion are peer bullies. More importantly, as the mainstream seems upon reflection wholly committed to the manufacture of non-reality, it begs for a much needed showdown.

Has anyone ever read about Ken Bakeman? | UFO Amino Amino

With no yield no project would ever begin. That contains historic genetic information, not present as amino acids identified by cumbersome science but, rather, stored in atomic reserves surreally non-located in the quantum layer.

We, humans, have not the ability to know for sure what is going on because our knowledge, technology and our minds are far behind those of the aliens.