respectively. They can be used as single port or multi port to exhaust air from several areas with one unit. Since only a small ventilation opening is required, the. Wall mounting. Single speed (exhaust or intake). Cord operated shutter. Advanced blade design. Air volume = m3/h (exhaust) Sirocco fan adopted. Solutions · Knowledge Centre · Product Selection · Home Ventilation. Related Links Support · Ventilating Fan · Ceiling Mount · Ceiling Mount · Wall Mount.

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The brand KDK itself is a leading brand in Malaysia when it comes in air ventilation solution All fans in this brand comes with features that are useful and essential You have the best investment in this brand as they are affordable and high performing The variety of fans you can choose catakogue is vast; there is surely one for you.

It is also easy to move and transport, making it perfect for travelling. Hence, cooling down is the utmost priority to prevent excessive sweating. From table fans to ceiling fans, you can trust only KDK Malaysia. KDK brings us premium and quality Japanese cooling fans, industrial fans, ventilation fans, air curtains, and many more.

You can check out their fantastic products below and read more about them here. Also, it is easy to clean Industrial Fans Uses: Read on to find out more about KDK Malaysia and the range of fans that it provides. In general, most mites live without causing any catalgoue to human beings.


20AQM8 (20cm/8″)

Like its moniker, table fans produced by KDK are ideal for small spaces because of its compact design. Fqn Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Recommended Application KDK ventilating products can be used in various environments, such as residential homes, offices and hotels. What makes window fans great is that it keeps hot air out and cool air in.

KDK Price List in Philippines for December, 2018

With a wide selection of fans to choose from, tan the heat and stay cool with KDK Malaysia fans. However, there are still other types to choose from like the KDK wall fan. This kind of fan is movable and not convicted in one place Features: Talking about features, all air cooling appliance made by this brand is made from durable and lightweight materials for long lasting use. Cheapest at Shopee RM Why Choose Standard Appliances for your fans?


Another reason that has enabled KDK Malaysia to become popular amongst Malaysians is that its products are sold at affordable prices. The main function of all exhaust fans or duct fans is to purify the air, eliminate bad odor and exhaust excessive heat, especially when we are cooking Benefits: Like its moniker, table fans are great for small spaces exhajst of exhausf compact design.

On top of that, tower fans are quiet and subtle, making it a great cooling system.

The wide variety of products give everyone a choice of their fans, such as their cooling fans which come in many forms: In addition, it takes less space compared to stand or table fans as it can be mounted on the wall. There are around 30 types of mites found in a home normally. There are KDK ceiling fans with light that is perfect to accentuate you gorgeous house. The best thing about KDK is that it answers all your cooling and ventilation problems with its great range of products to choose from.

Originating from Japan, KDK offers a wide range of electric fans and small home appliances that would help circulate fresh air in your home or in your office. One reason why exhaust fans are needed is to control the level of the humidity.

For a company to last this long is not an easy feat; its long history proves that kdj has gained an undeniable reputation that has only grown stronger over the years. KDK ensures high-quality, and cutting-edge fans to ensure a fresh and cool environment for you and your family.

Please check your phone for the download link. Improve Indoor Air Quality Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality – The first step to improve indoor air quality should be to reduce or remove the source of the pollutants. Furthermore, can is good about this fan and why many consumer like is because of its elegance. Comes in different sizes, like table fans. KDK ensures high-quality, and cutting-edge fans to ensure a fresh and cool environment for you and your family.


KDK Philippines has different models of cayalogue fans, general fans, ventilation fans, air curtains, and air moving equipment. Not only does it have a wide range of products, KDK also ensures that its products are equipped with the appropriate safety ,dk and cutting-edge ventilation technologies that have been improved and refined as time passed.

Most of exhaust fans have thermal fuse protection. With its subtle design, you can fit it with any of your home decor and save up on cooling and air conditioning. Fn you want to cool down the air in your home, then look no further KDK.

RECTO BUILDERS SUPPLY – KDK Philippines Hand Dryers, Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fans

Tower fans can save more space and are less likely to tip than traditional stand or table fans. Many homes and premises all over the world has no doubt felt the cooling air from KDK fans. On ksk of that, you can also save up on space since it is attached on your ceiling without having to worry about falling or damage. From the very beginning, KDK has always been primarily manufacturing all kinds electric fans, such as ceiling fans, ventilation fans, cooking range hoods, air curtains, dehumidifiers, and hand dryers.

If you want inexpensive yet high-tech cooling systems, then a tower fan fn the type of fan you are looking for.

Among the best ways to stay fresh during hot days is proper ventilation and with that comes KDK Philippines. What is good about wall fans is that it can ventilate in greater area as it is placed in a higher part of the house. In addition, it takes less space compared to stand or table fans.

From table fans to ceiling fans, you can trust only KDK. This fan is powerful enough to keep the surrounding away from harmful chemicals and gasses.