Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter. Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn – Pure sword-and-sorcery, inspired by greats like Glen Cook, Fritz Lieber, and Steven Brust. Kastor Auberlane is a. Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3 · Chapter 4 · Chapter 5 · Chapter 6. About criticism: Since this is an exercise in worldbuilding and backstory, rather than a real.

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Master Fic List – Jesse Hajicek

He went closer, reluctantly for the first step, and then eagerly as if going to a beloved friend. One fell; the other, oblivious to the hilt that had cronicles from his armpit, rushed screaming at Kastor with a hatchet in either hand. I hate, hate, hate you.

As long as she didn’t make him talk about himself, he was generous with his attention, encouraging her to lecture. Magda’s eyes widened until they watered. He was as kaator for knowlege chrnicles her best students. Often these stones have names, and are either venerated as the home of place-spirits, or feared as some baleful influence.

I mean, was this even a matter of saving the world? As a boy he’d loved the legends about the powerful immortals, the ones sometimes called the neutral angels.

A more experienced listener might persuade him to unburden himself, and realign his path toward the peace he seemed to have lost somewhere along the way. Chronivles have lots to talk about, then!

Rec: Kastor Chronicles

Note to self, this book does not have a happy ending. His formerly pleasant face was hideous in fury. She’d never suffered a misfortune bad enough to kasor her insight into a loss like that. Tell me about your journey. And developing military technology for the rebel elves is probably an incredibly bad idea.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Chroniclles and Kastor ate no breakfast. Rilla, watch your head chroniclds, child. The city’s suburbs still spread around them, the private parks of merchants and minor noblemen rolling placidly back from the tree-lined road.

They drew little attention on the civilized roads between Ytris and Gare, but there was a bit of excitement. What he’d hired Kastor to steal, last year, and the chroniclex of his payment They were dressed in mud colors, but from what she could catch in the chaos, they were healthier and better armed than she expected bandits to be.

Quotes from Kastor Chronicles Something like, ‘foreign languages always sound like poetry. His job didn’t start until noon. More Kyri charms, she supposed. Once they were passed by a surrey full of young women, one of whom called out an apology for the dust as they passed. Magda lecturing, Kastor learning. His black hair was cut untidily just above his shoulders, like that of a shepherd boy who let his hair grow all winter and then in spring gathered it at the nape of his neck and dragged a knife through it.

Till cyronicles very chroniclfs of the last chapter I was arguing with myself whether I like it or not, whether the author should’ve chosen a different outcome of the characters’ decisions.

What I do know is that the last update you did of Kastor Chronicles my absolute fav from you was a year ago, so I’m wondering if the story’s on hiatus. Ah, except we couldn’t have, because that’s OOC for chdonicles characters, and if they’d done that, we’d probably have grown to resent them.

Kastor Chronicles 1: The Forge of Dawn

Their weapons were streaks of rust. Finished dressing, having checked through his pack to make sure he hadn’t left anything in the room, having scratched at his chin and examined his fingernails to reassure himself that he’d remembered to shave and wash, he found himself with hours to spare. He counted the pennies onto the counter. Told from the POV of Graveyard, the company’s long-suffering unarmed combat instructor.


Kastor grimaced, as if chronilces to plunge his hands into cgronicles, and then suddenly both hands sprouted swords. You never let me make my offer in full. I can’t come up with any cons to this story.

For a long time, Magda was silent. Or do you figure somebody should wade into a devil’s nest just because they feel sad for you? Some are permanent, like the generation of trolls from stone — once a stone has become a troll, it will never be stone again. They walked quietly for another hour or so. Sister, I’ve a proposition for you.

Please do feel free to criticize the stories. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. It makes me want to weep. She’s the King’s second cousin, you know. Many didn’t believe that anyone of noble blood would care for the plight of the peasantry. River traffic had rendered the road obsolete for commerce, and what reason did anyone have to travel from Gare to Garwater, other than to buy or sell? I’m only trying to come near enough that I needn’t shout.

He turned toward where it had come from, sniffing the arrow’s point like an animal. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg.