Leader of the Pack has ratings and 82 reviews. carol. said: Tolerable, but doubtful if I’ll ever pick up the other books in the series. This is act. Leader of the Pack (Tales of an Urban Werewolf, book 3) by Karen MacInerney – book cover, description, publication history. Leader of the Pack is the third installment in Karen MacInerney’s “Tales of an Urban Werewolf” series. The first two books released to rave reviews, and this.

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I am not a person who normally studies a book to make sure everything matches up, but I have encountered 2 issues with a previous book in the series and 1 in this book. ,aren continue to get more and more dangerous as Sophie and Tom try to uncover the truth. Leader of the Pack carries on that standard flawlessly.

But Luc’s plans fall apart after kraen accused of murder and arrested by his archrival, Wolfgang, leader of the Houston pack and one notoriously durty dog.

Sh Sophie Garou has it all: Sophie is successful in her career, her love life I read this series years ago and was so excited to see that it is back. Her dad seems so be on trial for murder and even though she hasn’t seen him in so long she can’t let him die. Ok there were a few funny and witty things but not at all enough for my taste. But this time around she paxk more open to her wolf, and finally gets some history of her father and herself.

MacInerney tells a decent story, but the bad dialogue and blatent maciinerney errors are hard to ignore.

Leader of the Pack

After 28 years of abstinence she meets her father and she isn’t very about this fact from the beginning. Thing is, the Houston pack has this rule that during the Howl, it’s forbidden oof harm anyone in the pack and if that happens, the only punishment is death, no excuses. The books including book one: An excellent story could have been written, with mystery and crime investigation and all like Moon Calledthe first book of the Merc I have very mixed feelings about this book.


But most people don’t Tolerable, but doubtful if I’ll ever pick up the other books in the series. Overallit’s an okay book, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Anyway, not the average reunion with the Garous. The plot in this book was very good and is a huge improvement on the others.

In this third book of the series, the father Sophie has never met turns up, informs her that he has become alpha of the Paris pack and that he expects her to take over the local Texan werewolf pack. Lindsey still wants to become a werewolf and her advances become more serious. But there’s one thing Sophie would rather keep under wraps: Sophie has a very successful career at an accounting firm, a steady boyfriend, and things are finally looking up. But, after checking the publishing year of this novel, I see that it is not the case.

Tales of an Urban Werewolf 3. I enjoy how Sophie is slowly learning about the world of wolves and other supernaturals. If you’re a fan of UF and werewolves I’d definitely recommend you pick up this series. This author is amazing at placing you in the minds and troubles of the characters.

She didn’t grow up around him, he’s basely a stranger and now he expects everything to be okay after twenty-something years? Find out in the exciting third book of the award-nominated Tales of an Urban Werewolf! The characters are not that bad I think her next might be better.

I really enjoyed the last installment of this trilogy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books lf want to read. You won’t be sorry! Sexy werewolf Tom is still on the scene and there is definitley a major attraction between them but he is still dating Sophie’s best friend Lindsey which makes things more than a little complicated. Sophie is going to need all the help she can get to clear Luc’s name without starting a werewolf war.

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Leader of the Pack – Karen MacInerney

Again much macknerney the book is taken up by the erotic scenes, not Sophie’s lust being featured again and again although at least there was some variety, because there were 3 males. The bumps along the way I mean, what kind of read would it be without some twists and turns? Leader of the Pack! Of course to do this she must attend the Macinnerney, mainly with Tom. But while there were some resolutions, I expected just a tad more.


Anyway, not the average reun Intresting goodwill find for me. He’s there to attend the annual Howl, which is like a werewolf convention, and to reconnect with his daughter.

I keep having to stop reading to see if I as a reader am mistaken in my memory It was never my mistake! I’ve been searching the authors website to see when we can expect 4 out, but it appears that this might actually just be a trilogy.

Leader of the Pack by Karen MacInerney

What a crazy journey we have followed these characters through. Does she akren out the father she’s only just met, or does she keep the peace with the local pack alpha? But that is kind of telegraphed by the middle of the book as is the rest of the ending–not helped by the title.

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I don’t believe I’m spoiling anything here: Now discovered, she’s not pushed into a world so quickly, she doesn’t know how to get out of it, and probably won’t be able to. If you liked the series so far, you’ll also like this one; if you didn’t like it, then you’ll want to skip this one. I will be keeping my fingers crossed though! Her father hasn’t been around for the first twenty-eight years of her life, so why now?

She’s determined to do anything to prove him innocent and so she sets out to find the real killer and why they’re trying to frame Luc.