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Oh men who do not praise Lord Muruga with the sharp Vel, And spend all your time dancing and praising kandhxr, When the war veteran Yama the God of death comes to take away your soul, Would the dresses, jewels, wife who decorates herself with flowers, And bags of money be taken along with you?

It is believed that the Vel split Soorapadma in to two and one part became kadhar Peacock and the other a Cock, which occupied the flag standard of Muruga.

Even if I have amply drunk the alcohol of passionate love making, Offered by the prostitutes who speak words sweeter than sugar candy, And become tired and weak, I would not ever forget your Vel even for a second, Oh soldier on the horseback who killed Soorapadma accompanied, By old ghosts who dance with sounds made from their drums, Such as Dun, Dun, Dudu Dudu, Dundu Dundu and Din, Din.

Oh son of the divine Parvathi who des only good and who keeps on her right, Lord Shivawho blesses pure and perennial salvation to his devotees, Who burnt the three cities and who has three eyes, When the God of alangaran with a form touching the sky comes, Please come in your brightly winged peacock and save me.

Designed for all types of Mobile and Tablet 2. The cock,which came in a submissive state to Lord Muruga, Who has the great power of exterminating the army of his enemies, Made his flag be called as a victorious flag by one and all, And became capable of destroying problems created by his enemies.


Kandhar Alankaram

He decided to end his life, went to the temple hit his head in all the pillars and steps, begging for forgiveness. Oh guard who has the Vel, in the war with Soorapadma, In the tank of blood oozing out of the chests of ghosts and asurasYou jumped, drowned and drank and encouraged the devas, To play in the battle field by sending your Vel, And so please help me to remove the trance of ignorance, In me, who is living in this world full of dishonesty and lies, Which have tied me by foolish deeds and which make me sad.

When I forget all that I have learnt and when the relations, And people of my city cry loudly and when the five senses, Which have been with me for long have deserted me, For me no one would give me succour than you.

Oh Son of Ganges, who pierced and powdered the Krouncha mountain. Stotra Kaumarism Skanda mantras Mantras. When the exuberant peacock of lord of Thiruchengode, Which is surrounded by fiends where Chel fishes play, Shouted and hit against the head of Adhisesha, That great snake trembled and beneath the legs of the peacock, Were lots of Manikhya gems, the Lord Vishnu, Who looks after the world and his holy wheel and conch. When my actions became mute and died, When my mind melted in the lotus like wisdom and ebbed, And when that flood of waters pushed aside my desires, In the great sea of divine wisdom, which was touching both shores, I saw he well arranged six faces along with twelve shoulders, Which was the divine nectar which was extremely sweet.


Why did create me with eyes that do not see you, hands that do not salute you, And with toungue that does not sing you, knowingly?.

Had this be known to my lord who used his Vel, To make the ocean ebbing with tides shout in sorrow, And also to make the golden coloured Krouncha mountain weep, He would then definitely chain Lord Brahma for the second time.

Kandhar Alangaram

It is a very good and pleasant act to praise And pray the nephew of the black Vishnu, Who is the leader of hunters who married The daughter of the red deer in a non ritual alangaran, Who holds the flag with the cock in his hands, Who is the one who saved the devas, By Killing Soorapadma who took the form of a mango tree Who armed himself with Vel, which is suitable for war, ,And who is the Velava of Thiruchengode With lots of young betel nut and mango trees.

And would remove the fear of the letter of death, As well as the fear of the messengers of death from me.

Oh great valorous Hero, who destroyed the mountain, Oh Lord Kumara who lives in the pretty Thiruthani, What harm have I done to Brahma who never falters in justice? For getting rid of worries of the mind and tiresomeness of body, I did not think of Muruga, neither I did, stand and salute him, I did not salute the soft feet wearing anklets.

Oh Lord who was the guardian, who dried the entire bubbling ocean, And made the hiding Soorapadma in the form of a mango tree, Make horrible and very loud sounds and loose his balance, And who broke the tree in to two causing blood to gush out with soundAnd who also sent your Vel to break the Krouncha Mountain which was helping him, And who thus saved the devas, please give me your feet more reddish than lotus, So that I would not enter this body which is a lie and get sweet salvation.

This work was written by Sanit Arunagirinatha, the author of Thirupugazh, which is considered as one of the greatest poem collections praising Lord Subrahmanya.

Oh God who holds the Vel as his weapon, I would never forget you, Please do come and save me before this house having five organs [7]Built on the foundation of two legs with two hands, perishes. Oh holy one who by sending his Vel, made crows and hawks fight, Who made the ghosts dance in the battle field among the corpses, And who made blood to gush out of the mouths of bad Asuras, When would give salvation to this debased human being, Who mixed with men who did not think of you with love, And who did not utter your holy names with devotion?.


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Oh nephew of the God who churned the ocean of milk zlangaram a top, With the Mandara mountain, tying it with the great serpent Vasuki, Oh precious gem riding on a peacock, would I get a time when, I would get rid of birth, a life of illusion full of suffering and death, And make me one with you and merge me with you and get your grace?. It describes how Muruga comes into our lives in various roles. Oh lustrous light living in the Godly mountain of Thiruchengodu [6].

Oh Skanda, who with his Vel bored the chest of Soorapadma, Who waged a war along with his relatives and the mountain, When will you ever save me who is wandering defeated, From the pretty eyed prostitutes, who are trying to do, Sinful acts by trying to catch the minds of sages who have left everything?.

There is one truth taught to me by the royal lord of Valli, Whose sweet words cannot be compared either to honey or syrup. Oh mind, the wealth like a fast river with lot of whirl pools, Runs without any botheration of the joy and sorrows of life, And kandgar will you want to know the wisdom of equality of joy and sorrow?

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Oh God who is the greatest in the world of Devas, Oh darling of him who burnt the God of love, Who is an expert in war fare and waged, A war with the arrows made of flowers like jasmine, Oh God who owns the breasts of the blue Valli, Who looks after the field of Thinai with immature pods. Whenever I think of him at any time, the Lord Muruga.

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Would come before me riding on a blue peacock, Accompanied with the pretty tribal girl, Valli, And the truth that he gives as advice to me as teacher, Would be clear to very learned yogis slowly and after thought, And others would do meaningless acts and embrace death. And when this is so, how can you ever get salvation?.

How did I get a hand which does not salute with love, Him who was the nephew of the one who built a dam in the sea with monkey army, And who is the son of Lord Shiva whose only ornaments are snake, And who was the Muruga who destroyed the very strong asuras, Who made such horrible noise kadhar the world shouted in fear?.

Oh God of death, since my mind is perennially full of the thought of Muruga, Who not getting satiated by drinking milk from the six mothers of the group of stars, Also drank the milk of Goddess Parvathi, to get satiated, And his long sword worn on his hips, small sword held in his hands, And the Vel, please do not alqngaram near me and go away, And if you come I would even take your soul away.