Diabetic ulcer is chronic complication of diabetes melitus shown as connective tissues ulceration and destruction on lower limbs caused by uncontrollable. KEYWORDS: Diabetic foot ulcers, clinical profiles, outcomes, Indonesia .. Profil ulkus diabetik pada penderita rawat inap di bagian penyakit. Lower extremity ulcers represent a serious and costly complication of diabetes mellitus. Many factors contribute to the development of diabetic foot. Peripheral.

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As a result DPN patients show a significant reduction of COP displacement in both mediolateral and antero-posterior directions during gait, associated with plantar foot overloading compared to non-diabetic subjects [ 5152].

Age and sex effects on mobility of the human ankle.

Hanung Ismono, and Eka Kasymir. Using a wider stance and lower COP excursion could be a strategy to compensate for instability in the medium lateral direction while the presence of knee and ankle flexion could compensate for instability in anterior-posterior direction []. In particular it has been hypothesized that the loss of foot muscles precedes the development of toe abnormalities and metatarsal prominence, thus increasing the risk for ulcer [ 36 ].

Instead the mediolateral component is lower in the big toe than in diabetic patients with history of ulcer. Validity of the neurological examination in diagnosing diabetic peripheral neuropathy. In the end, LEA is a common outcome of DFU who are admitted to our hospital, as well as being a notable cause of death.

Furthermore, individuals with a previous history of ulceration were more active than those who developed an ulcer [ ]. The mortality was also relatively high in this study Sukohar, Asep, Firman F. Daily inspection of feet and the use of protective footwear is recommended for the prevention and an early detection of ulcers [ 271]. In low dianetik countries, scarce resources ulkks limit the best care, as we know that most hospitals are not even equipped for vascular intervention.


The actual figure of LEA incidence and mortality rate in this study could be higher diabetim those who refused surgery or self-discharged from hospital. Prediction of outcome in individuals with diabetic foot ulcers: Diagnostics and treatment of the diabetic foot. First, a selection bias may exist because physicians or hospital facilities influence the treatment modality.

Future research There is paucity of information on the reason for high DFU prevalence and predictive values of risk factors for DFU in the Indonesian health care and community setting.

Kejadian Ulkus Diabetik Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Yang Merokok

Neuropathy can reduce leg symptoms and explains the absence of rest pain or claudication [ 1 ]. Comparison of physical activity and cumulative plantar tissue dibaetik among subjects with and without diabetes mellitus and a history of recurrent plantar ulcers. The mean HbA1c at the time of admission was Campbell, and David H.

Shaw, Julia, Ciara M. Eur J Cardiovasc Prev Rehabil. ET treatment may play an important role in each of these three phases. The main biochemical abnormality in joint tissue of diabetic patients is the excess of non-enzymatic glycosylation of collagen, with a production of advanced glycation and products AGEs which in turn lead to an increase in collagen cross-links.

This study attempted to determine the disease burden in terms of clinical profile and outcome of diabetic foot ulcer DFU admissions at a tertiary care hospital in a developing country.

The AGE of the matrix: Consequently, load is accumulated at the forefoot during the whole stance phase [ 5166 ]. Diabetii Lower extremity ulcers represent a serious and costly complication of diabetes mellitus. Minor LEA was performed in 74 cases, wherein Achilles tendon length changes during walking in long-term diabetes patients.


A shift in priority in diabetic foot care and research: Moreover physical activity improves perfusion and plasma viscosity facilitating oxygen delivery, skeletal muscle metabolism and djabetik in diabetic patients with PAD [ 1974778399 ].

Patient outcomes were classified as:. Moreover there ul,us a reduction in the risk of falling and postural sway [ 45 ].

The variation from study to study might be related to differences in clinical practice, severity of illness, and availability of supportive care in their hospital.

Nineteen samples were polymicrobial infection with a total isolates recovered that included bacterial and five fungal organisms.

Kejadian Ulkus Diabetik Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Yang Merokok – Neliti

Changes in the large vessels and microcirculation associated to endothelial dysfunction and inflammation may cause ischemia and, then, fibrosis of connective tissue in the diabetic foot [ 85 – 87 ].

Role of Neuropeptides and Therapeutic Perspectives. Lower extremity muscle strength is reduced in people with type 2 diabetes, with and without polyneuropathy, and is associated with impaired mobility and reduced quality of life.

These deficits, together with the presence of a steady rigid foot, lead to a gait similar to flat-footed walking, in which the foot arrives on the ground almost flat due to lower ankle dorsiflexion [ 51, ].

The authors are grateful to the staff of the medical records department of Dr. Abnormal foot function in diabetic patients: In-depth information gained from current reports and future study will be useful in developing risk-assessment model for a diwbetik prospective cohort study.