Agric Hum Values () – DOI /s Julie Guthman: Weighing in: obesity, food justice, and the limits of capitalism University . A Review of “Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism”. by Julie Guthman. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. In the case of obesity, writes Julie Guthman, ‘the solution in some sense wags the dog of the problem statement’ (p. 16). In this compelling book, Guthman offers.

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Jul 29, Holly rated it it was ok Shelves: While supporting local food alternatives probably does not take a big enough chunk out of the agricultural economy to have a large effect on agribusiness, it does guthmaan the continued existence to food alternatives. Return to Book Page. However, I have also witnessed demands for community gardens coming from the communities of color directly.

Guth- foods and exercise opportunities are likely to be ineffec- man cites a BMI criteria shift made by the National Insti- tive in reducing body size. It is the way food is produced that causes the problem.

After burning out in the land of non-profit farm policy, I became entranced by the market-based weighinf of alternative food.

Very interesting, thought-provoking book. If you care about food issues, social justice issues, the environment, or economic justice, you need to hear what Guthman has to say. The first time, I was frustrated with the seemingly fat-positive author and her criticisms of the obesity epidemic.

Feb 02, Nick Harris rated it liked it Shelves: At times humorous every time she throws Michael Pollan under the bus and at times sharp witted and critical critiquing food justice and the food movement Weighing In provides an overall critique of the rhetoric used within the food movement; the way bodies are used as sites of consumerism and capitalism by industries who created the problem in the first place; and the critique of authors such as Michael Pollan who write in a manner that reinforces the injustices of our food system i.


Refresh and try again. I don’t think it will be possible for me to view anything anymore except through this new lens that Guthman has so eloquently constructed. His book like the title suggests is a response to the fight. A self-described Berkeley foodie, Guthman takes on the self-satisfaction of the alternative food movement and places it in rich context, drawing on research in health, economics, labor, agriculture, sociology, and politics.

Guthman takes issue with the currently touted remedy to obesity—promoting food that is local, organic, and farm fresh.

Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism – Julie Guthman – Google Books

Arguing that obesity is an ecological condition i. Guthman will undercut just about every answer you think you have. Management program at Yale University where she studied food systems. Epigenetics ensures that those who cannot afford to avoid obesogenic foods are more likely to produce children with less potential to be healthy, and their poor health further mires them in poverty and reduces julei ability to make healthier food choices, which means their children will have even poorer health.

Then they laugh at you. Help Center Find new research papers in: It’s certainly a provocative and important book that is worthy of a place in public health, nutrition, and food weihging to start.

Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism by Julie Guthman

I thought Guthman’s academic analysis of food systems in relation to capitalism were well-researched, and thus compelling. Jun 15, Emily rated it futhman liked it Shelves: While such fare may be tastier and grown in more ecologically sustainable ways, this approach can also reinforce class and race inequalities and neglect other possible explanations for the rise in obesity, including environmental toxins. Julie Guthman examines fatness and its relationship to health outcomes to ask if our efforts to prevent “obesity” are sensible, efficacious, or ethical.

To ask other readers questions about Weighing Inplease sign up. Carolina rated it it was ok Dec 04, This is where Guthman comes in, providing a more direct and critical eye of the food system.


By promoting change in woes of the industrial food system, Guthman argues that individual behavior through education, not only do we fail foodies position themselves as morally and ethically supe- to hold the political economy responsible for perpetuating rior, whether this is their intention or not.

Interview with the author. Putting this one back on the jlie shelf because I had to rush weigjing parts. There are no discussion topics on this book jlie.

She interro- race and class manufacture obesogenic environments and gates the scientific, socio-cultural, and political-economic vice versa. Further, she points to emerging scientific perceptions of healthism and body normativity that domi- evidence that environmental toxins, some products and nate food-focused scholarship, food policy, and julir culture byproducts of the food system itself, are contributing to at large.

Coplen branch of food justice, of being complicit in perpetuating Guthman begs us to take a step back from the obesity injustices and thereby contributing weighnig obesity. PaperbackCalifornia Studies in Food and Culture, 32pages.

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Her research interests and disruptions in appetite and metabolism, but also include understanding racialized and gendered divisions of labor and reproductive and behavioral disorders and cancers p. Jan 11, Maggie Mayhem rated it it was amazing. Rather than asking for increased regulation of toxics, it allows bad practices and good practices to coexist and the wealthy to purchase relative safety.

Consequently, efforts to make obesogenic contributions to the dominant understanding of obesity.

Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Margaret rated it really liked it Feb 08, However, filled with some thought provoking critiques, guthmwn for alternative food and obesity measurement. Selected pages Table of Contents.