This Pin was discovered by Olga.. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. HC Andersen flettet julehjerte skabelon Christmas Hearts, Crochet Christmas, skabelon julehjerte med gærdesmutte Christmas Baskets, Christmas Hearts. Mor og Barn | Johans Julehjerter: skabeloner til smukke og unikke julehjerter til .. snehvide julehjerte skabelon Danish Christmas, Scandinavian Christmas.

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Koch also designed these. The Danish architect Hans H. I have included a list of the printed publications on woven hearts I could identify using the Internet.

Alfred Julehjeerte In the Danish printer Alfred Jacobsen issued sheets of glossy paper in many colours. On the rear side he printed the patters for two sets of eight hearts. Notify me of new comments via email.

Koch The Danish architect Hans H. God oversigt til sidst i bogen. Andersen This heart was made by the Danish poet and author H. Andersen and his paper cuts at http: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Julekurver tradisjon og variasjonBeate G.

It is the oldest known Danish woven heart basket. It is always a pleasure to learn how new crafters may be introduced to heart weaving.


Thank you for reminding me of this book. De fleste af modellerne i bogen er imidlertid Arne Holstborgs egne.

He has created 6 new hearts with motifs from: Juleflet, Julehjerrte Voldmester, Klematis, Although not indicated it is most likely that Hans. Flot bog med sjove ideer. She had visited Denmark and came back with some wonderful ideas. Some strange and interesting variations and mathematical reflections on the traditional simple woven heart.

Only recent books are still available from the publisher, but most books are available thorugh the public Danish libraries. Lindseth, Lindhardt og Ringhof, This is the making of a basic weaved paper heart: Book and instructions are in Danish. Thank you for the link. Julehjerter i andre formerLottrup Knudsen, Borgen, You are commenting using your Facebook account.

JulekurverBeate G. Hjerter til julSune Nielsen, Olivia, Margit Am mentorp http: Godt historisk afsnit som indledning.

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Hvert hjerte illustrerer et vers fra en af vores elskede og kendte julesalmer eller -sange. Hi Virginia, Thank you so much for the links. How my Mother taught me to Weave Christmas Hearts. Some of these I found through a Google images search. Grundregler for fletning og klipning af hjerter. This book is also available in English: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to give so many people so much pleasure!! La ekabelon inspirere og sett i gang, det er stor fare for at du blir bitt av basillen!


This is a list of publications on woven paper hearts. Hjerter til jul er en fin og anderledes julekalender om at flette julehjerter.

In Danish and English.

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Majbrit og Erik Ginnerskov http: I definitely must take time to find out. Den har skabeloner til mange forskellige slags flettede hjerter.

The customer could choose the two colours he liked and had only to cut out the heart pieces. Jule fugle flet 3Lars Holmsted, Mellemgaard, Also, you can sometimes get the patterns from sites that are no longer active by entering the address at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine: Julens hjerter ,Beate G. Jesper Gundermann In accordance with the Danish newspaper Politiken the woven cone was invented in by the then 15 year old Jesper Gundermann.

Christmastime in Denmark — and in beautiful Ribe Danhostel Ribe.