Joumana Haddad. Joumana Haddad (, Beirut) is a poet, translator and journalist. She is head of the cultural pages in prestigious An Nahar newspaper, . Joumana Haddad is a ferocious critic of sexism in Lebanon, and her erotic magazine has brought death threats. A new book is her fiercest. Joumana Haddad – foto Giorgio Pace. (Lebanon, ) is a poet, journalist, translator, editor and consultant. In her work she focuses on eroticism and the.

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Haddad has many other critics, not all of them so gentlemanly. In Octobershe has been chosen as one of the 39 most interesting Arab writers under No dreams were allowed, no hopes, no plans: I think if it were economically possible many people would love to do that.

Petra Stienen hosts a discussion ioumana writing about sex, the narrow-minded reactions of some men and their ‘je m’en fou’ attitude vis-a-vis conservative readers. I also call myself a humanist because I really admire the philosophy behind the term. Ultimately, the unjust system will surrender and the change will happen.

Naya is devoted to women of all generations — Naya Ahddad, Sally Farhat: T he first year that Joumana Haddad took her new magazine to the Beirut book fair, her posters were torn down, there were bitter complaints to the director and Hezbollah, whose stall was directly opposite hers, tried to close her down.

Of course they remain men and women of letters, so expect an eloquent, passionate avalanche of words. Haddad launched a new program in November on Alhurra highlighting the topics of free expression and critical thinking.

The main objective of my parents was to allow me and my brother to have the best education they could provide us with.

Books became an escape for me. You cannot be a humanist without being a feminist and you cannot be a feminist without being a humanist.

I Killed Scheherazade has already been translated into six languages when we met, a fierce bidding war was being conducted in Brazil — but not, yet, into Arabic.


How much of a chance do you think you have at winning? It was a big love story, but they were not made for each other. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat She is a staunch atheist and critic of organised religion. Haddad has come a long way since then. Confessions of an Angry Arab Woman: Retrieved from ” https: And the civil society has so much to offer. It was amicable, and they are still friends. Lebanon, is a poet, journalist, translator, editor and consultant.

They think they know so I let them, and I happen. When she first started publishing there were suggestions that it was actually a man writing the poems — “it amazes you? The threats aren’t likely to end any time soon: This, coupled with all the problems that we have to deal with on a daily basis, and which suck up all our energy, while they should be given, fundamental rights like electricity, water, pollution, lack of public transportation She regards having children so early as a blessing: Beirut seems to elicit such anger and loathing — but that’s part of the point.

Joumana Haddad, from muse to creator

Views Read Edit View history. The only threat she admits to being seriously rattled by was a promise to throw acid at her — that caused nightmares, and when, not long after, she suspected she havdad being followed, she didn’t drive her own car, or even leave her home in a seaside suburb of Beirut for weeks. Amidst all that horror and violence, the only thing that saved her life and ahddad was reading.

You need to go out there and claim it. I want a more humane Lebanon. I am convinced that the Lebanese parliament is in dire need of new blood. But I do get up and try again. The other part of the misunderstanding is the responsibility of some in the movement who are hostile towards men and who generalize about them… I am convinced that men are an important ally in life and in this battle for equality and human dignity.


She gives great credit to reading books as a child and an adolescent and advises young girls to stay curious and thirsty for knowledge.

Many laws in Lebanon need to be reconsidered, passed, enforced. But not just wake up and fight over the hot water and who’s going to make coffee, because at the end of the day these things are really what ruin a relationship. We rid ourselves of one so-called abomination with one hand, then practice intellectual debauchery, which is much worse, with the other. In Lebanon the two routes for clever people were medicine or engineering, and so, although what she really wanted to do was write, she did a first degree in biological sciences — “but you know — poetry is a lot about science as well — it’s a lot about having a kind of rhythm and logic and structure in your head.

Joumana Haddad – Wikipedia

I do believe that the last twenty years I had spent fighting for the causes I believe in, despite all the obstacles that I have had to face, all the attacks that I have had to absorb, are a clear indication that I am a woman of actions and not a woman of words; that when I believe in something and plan a project, I deliver. It’s much more difficult to support people you don’t agree with.

A selection hadrad her poetry can be read in English translation on www. I also gradually liberated myself from the judgment of others in order to jooumana able to express and live and achieve without being intimidated. At 12, already versed in Balzac and Dostoevsky, Salinger and Eluard, she joumaja, in her printer father’s large library, the Marquis de Sade’s Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue. She is a poet, translator, journalist and teacher.