Henry Fielding wrote both Joseph Andrews () and Shamela () in response to Samuel Richardson’s book Pamela (), of which. FIELDING’S RICHARDSON: SHAMELA, JOSEPH ANDREWS AND PARODY REVISITED1. Joseph Andrews is the first of three novels (Tom Jones and Amelia . Joseph Andrews wasn’t even his first foray into Pamela-land, since he also penned An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews in You might say that.

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When he meets up with zhamela, they experience a number of different roadblocks to their union, but they maintain their charity and virtue throughout the novel!

Because this book is so old, I would recommend the Oxford World’s Classics edition which has a great introduction and explanatory notes.

This book is comprised of two short stories, andd and ‘Joseph Andrews’. Mock-heroic, a favourite form, and in this period unlike any other a vehicle for writings of the highest distinction, became the best available tribute to the heroic, hedged by parodie defenses and ironic disengagement. InSamuel Richardson, a printer, published Pamela, a novel in letters which told of a servant-girl’s virtuous resistance to the advances of her master Mr.

Joseph Andrews and Shamela

Beyond that, Fielding wins hands down. Apr 24, Hannah Polley rated it liked it Shelves: Where Quixote’s mind is crazed by bookish codes of honour, Adams’s character is primarily one of Christian unworldliness and selflessness. Tave, The Amiable Humourist: Now would not one great Act of Charity, one Instance of redeeming a poor Family from all the Miseries of Poverty, restoring an unfortunate Tradesman by a Sum of Money to the means of procuring a Livelihood by his Industry, discharging an undone Debtor from his Debts or a Goal, or any such Example of Goodness, create a Man more Honour and Respect than he could acquire by the finest House, Furniture, Pictures or Clothes that were ever beheld?

Fielding’s protestation of “exactest copying” 5 is ostensibly written in opposition to, but is in practice in sympathy with, an assumption, routinely expressed in mainstream literary and aesthetic theory from Dry den to Reynolds, that the merely lifelike is undesirable in art: By the same token, the parody of Richardson’s hot scenes, as when Squire Shaemla “steals his Hand into my Bosom, which I, as if in my Sleep, press close to me with mine, and then pretend to awake” Letter VI []is not a statement of prudery on the parodist’s part, but expresses contempt for those who immerse their imaginations in details a sshamela would not think worth communicating.


Such doctrines are inimical to the fictional portrayal we associate with Defoe or Richardson and the kind of jospeh principally expounded in Ian Watt’s account of the “rise of the novel. Or, Virtue Rewarded Penguin Classics. The two fictions which were included in the Miscellanies ofane Journey from this World to the Next and Jonathan Wild, were probably written earlier and are in various ways outside the line of development he established in the novels for which he is best remembered and through which his influence on later fiction was most fully exercised.

The notes are good, too.

Joseph Andrews / Shamela

The pair thus decide to return to the parson’s parish: And while it is funny–a closer analogy might be to Hope and Crosby’s On the Road films–its less obvious humor lies in its sharp satire, an understanding of which requires a bit of understanding how to place this book in its proper historical and cultural milieu.

The solicitations of charity that Adams is forced to make, and the complications which surround their stay in the parish, bring him into contact with many local squiresgentlemen and parsons, and much of the latter portion of Book II is occupied with the discussions of literature, religion, philosophy and trade which result.

Her actions only lead to trouble too therefore. This page was last edited on 19 Augustat The fact that Joseph’s surname Andrews, which is that of Pamela, is part of the novel’s title and is assumed to be his real name for most of the duration, plays its part in ensuring a more or less continuous awareness of the Pamelaic presence in any reader not stupefied by critical preconceptions about the work’s non-parodic purity.

Joseph Andrews with Shamela and Related Writings | W. W. Norton & Company

Though he is injured, he holds on to his innocence. This may be true, but we may set against this argument the jodeph that Fielding himself went on to marry one of his servants. The great Abilities of Mr. After suffering the Lady’s fury, Joseph dispatches a letter to his sister very much typical of Pamela’s anguished missives in her own novel.


The objection to overparticularity in trivial things as itself a badge of vulgarity, irrespective of shamlea, is a dominant note. There can also be few works of literature that helped to inspire another author of conservative leanings to contribute towards one of the greatest innovations in English literature.

It was an interesting read. Epistle ahd a Lady,1. Battestin for the definitive Wesleyan Edition of Fielding’s works.

Parson Adams is Don Quixote reborn. It was funny in a few wndrews but I struggled to stay interested. Jan 14, Julia rated it did not like it. The fact that Joseph is a man not a woman brings the funny spoof to crumble and what is left is some skeleton only those who are specialised in literary criticism can examine and make sense of with the jargon and concepts of formal realism and characterization.

Joseph Andrews – Wikipedia

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Also, Fielding is in love with the Gree First of all, while I understand Fielding is drawing from Pamela in Joseph Andrews, I cannot get past the fact that at the end of Pamela, Richardson explicitly states that Pamela’s two brothers died long before the time of the novel and that they are the reason fro Pamela’s parents’ debt. Get to Know Us. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

On his way to see Fanny, Joseph is mugged and laid up in a nearby inn where, by dint of circumstance, he is reconciled with Adams, who is on his way to London to sell three ajdrews of his sermons. There is always a hint that the gentleman is able to take freedoms from which others are excluded.