Jose Ortega y Gasset: The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature (Paperback – Revised Ed.); Edition on Lately writers have defined post-modernism in various ways, but they share in common the belief that the age of modernist art is over and that a. No work of Spanish philosopher and essayist Jose Ortega y Gasset has been more frequently cited, admired, or criticized than his defense of modernism, “The .

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THE DEHUMANIZATION OF ART () Jose Ortega y Gasset | anthonyhowelljournal

Romantic works gaset the first — since the invention of printing — to enjoy large editions. And they will call art that which provides them with the means of making contact with human things.

In Wagner, melodrama reaches its highest exaltation. This design in which the I consists, is not an idea or plan ideated by the person involved, and freely chosen.

On its magic screen we contemplate them banished from the earth, absolutely remote. In order to see an od we have to adjust our eyes in a certain way.

Algunos de los ensayos incluidos son mejores que el titular, y en general forman un conjunto interesante. Promises a lot more than it delivers, but Oh my!

The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture and Literature by José Ortega y Gasset

It shares the same origins with them. El estilo de Gasset es sublime. Even so he may still attain nothing; but his failure is much more certain if he were to compose one more Wagnerian opera or yet another naturalistic novel. This essay has been a major influence on my work and my thought. This is what serious people, less attuned to the present, find most difficult to understand in modem art.


Paperbackpages. Gasset goes wrt primitive art as a focus on multiple objects, and it progressively becomes a canvas of various forms held together by a unifying motif, and then it progresses further gwsset a unification of subject and space.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. It is not an art for men in general, but for a very particular class of men, who may not be of more worth than the others, but who are apparently distinct.

But later, by making an effort, we can ignore the garden, and, by retracting our focus, let it rest on the window-pane. El Arte no “gusta”, no “se disfruta”, se “entiende”, se deshumaniza, en fin. But this comforting phrase is useless for the artist who awaits, with brush or pen in hand, a concrete inspiration. The whole thing frequently feels like a summary of a much longer text that explains things in more detail, but the author did not have time or patience to write.

It is easy to say or paint a thing which is unintelligible, completely lacking in meaning: Then, the artists look to the distance, and try to depict those objects that are further away, there’s the search for perspective, -trying to find a geometric arrangement, and chiaroscuro, as transitions between painting objects to dehumabization to paint the space we perceive when we stop looking at what we have in front, and when we try to paint the whole of what’s perceive as we project our sight into the distance.

Though the author by his own confession attempts to stay neutral and descriptive rather than prescriptive, the general tone of the writing remains almost ridiculously conservative. Aug 14, Turkish rated it it was ok. Even the Soviet Union, which had embraced modernism at first, lashed out against during the s. All other faculties keep us enclosed within the real, within what already is.


Radical new forms and shapes which had separated themselves from strict depictions of reality presented the public with a new type of art, one which might have seemed to stem from another planet or even another universe, having nothing to do with the reality of human life on planet earth.

Modern art, on the other hand, has the masses against it, and this will always be so since it is unpopular in essence; even more, it is anti- popular. With vertiginous speed modem art has diverged into a great variety of directions and intentions.

The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture and Literature

Art was a very serious matter, almost hieratic. Overall I have enjoyed my time reading some of the works of this Spanish sage, and I’m glad I took the detour into these less well known territories Possibly, also, wrt artist of may have sought other aesthetic implications, but the important thing to note is that he began by making sure of this external likeness. He leaves us imprisoned in an abtruse world and forces us to confront objects impossible to treat humanly.

Yet the pleasure a romantic work excites has hardly any connection with its content.