Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical. An extracted chapter from John Frawley’s classic book ‘The Real Astrology’, in which he explores the philosophy of electional astrology and demonstrates its. John Frawley has recently published his third book The Horary Textbook – sure to be an international best seller. His first book, The Real Astrology, received.

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Or is the idea rooted in hubris, and doomed to failure? As for spectacular failures – like everyone else I thought Princess Diana would get married again and have children. It must be an awful lot of asfrology Sheri rated it fradley was amazing Jun 07, As the preceding eclipse was a solar eclipse in Libra, Venus’s sign, Venus was lord of that eclipse. This they did, with two goals in the last minute.

Frawley, John

How long does it take you to prepare? There’s one brief article in, I believe, The Astrological Lodge Quarterlyor maybe the JournalI think from the early 60s the year johm Oxo won the National, if that’s a helpbut I’ve been unable to find it to give you an exact reference. The subjects are as follows: How did you get interested in astrology?

Good Queen Bess Showing what can be achieved with only ‘the body of a weak and feeble woman’ and some smart astrology is John Dee’s election for the timing of Elizabeth I’s coronation. His first book, The Real Astrologyreceived widespread applaud and the Spica astrology award for International Book of the Year, Dee was almost certainly working from a chart showing a Capricorn Ascendant; this means that Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, has particular importance, signifying Elizabeth herself He would have found it imperative, then, to ensure that the warlike malefic Mars was not applying to this difficult aspect with Saturn, but that it was safely past it.

I just put up an event chart for the start of the tournament, and said that it would rain a lot – which it did, and that the favourites were not going to do well. I think it helps in that with the traditional method, by virtue of the way in which we have learned it, we are working straight from the astrology, not thru this dreadful sub-Jungian vernacular in which so much modern astrology is cast.


I have a long series of correct forecasts in high-profile football matches, often predicting the most unexpected outcomes: He was talking about Prince Rupert, and he says he got his judgement wrong because he shouldn’t have been looking at the chart for Prince Rupert.

I think the main problem there is that people feel insecure about their techniques, and so feel as if they have to defend them at all costs. The majority of elected events, however, have no such clear-cut outcome. It is important to know what this outcome should be: John Frawley Books by John Frawley: Do you believe that, theoretically at least, astrologically-informed betting could be a viable way of funding the organisation?

Electional Astrology by John Frawley

An Interview with John Frawleyhttp: Would you do one? Political events which the people on the spot and supposedly in the know assured me were impossible. Including other sports, with the same reliability, dozens.

Rough and ready elections can be taken just from a knowledge of the planetary rulership of the hour, or of the phase of the Moon, as is still practised by gardeners around the world. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Suppose someone suggests that all of these examples just represent the workings of chance. So this is why the real money options tend to get in the way a bit. Each fixed star partakes of the nature of one or two of the planets, so if we must choose a time for marriage when Asrology is weak, stars of Venus nature on the angles will work as well.

Invariably, if we take the time when this planet is strong, that one will be weak; if we wait until that one is stronger, a third will have lost what power it had. The people who were killed by the bomb didn’t all have it in their charts that they would die that day – their fate was subsumed by that of Japan. Frwley, I don’t have quite the veneration of ‘Lilly as the word of God’ that some people do, but he was obviously an immensely experienced astrologer – which is why I respect him frawely much.


The Horary Textbook

At the time, May 95, my clients, who were frasley involved in the situation, were expecting her to fall at any moment – as was the general expectation, and as were the predictions they had received from various other astrologers, eastern and western, who were not using these traditional techniques of horary.

This will give us a list of usually five or six out of the possible seven planets that we want strong in our elected chart. Refresh and try again. Had Elizabeth’s birth-chart shown an early death, no election could have given her a long and glorious reign; had fawley waited for the ideal moment for the coronation, he would be waiting yet.

The Horary Textbook by John Frawley

From the birth-chart we will determine which planets must be particularly well-placed in the chart of the moment chosen for the election.

But none of us would quibble if told that the lack of a body capable of running exceptionally fast excluded us from the possibility of breaking the world metres record, at no matter what moment we chose to make the attempt.

Ravi rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Another client had a pair of pistols missing. Also, the Sun on the Midheaven in the asgrology available gave a Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Descendant for the coronation chart.

The differences – – far more plentiful and mostly far more subtle than these examples reveal –are directly pertinent to the question asked; thus also jphn differences in the astrological chart consequent upon these pertain to the judgement of that question.