The Westcotts buy a radio which in some peculiar fashion picks up sounds in other By John Cheever Jim has the radio fixed so that there is no interference. by John Cheever One day, their old radio stops working and Jim promises to buy a new one. The Enormous Radio Questions and Answers. In The Enormous Radio by John Cheever we have the theme of privacy, secrecy, obsession, doubt, change and control. Set in an apartment.

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Nov 26, Bill S. From t I listened to this short story. Although the story takes a dramatic twist at the end, which for most readers would shift their mohn to Jim, unlike Irene who uses the radio as a source of peace and acceptance, the radio represents the cehever Jim has about marital conflict.

The additive nature of Irene can be sensed in this story as well. John Cheever was an American novelist and short story writer, sometimes called “the Chekhov of the suburbs” or “the Ovid of Ossining.

The reader must be gently introduced to the idea of a bit of magic in an otherwise realistic setting, just as the characters must. Brett October 24, 1: Each tale draws the reader in immediately with a description of a bizarre scenario or of a character’s bizarre attributes.

Dec 22, Jessie Harvey rated it really liked it. Until the new radio arrived, the Westcotts hardly ever argued and seemed to have a happy marriage. Cheever says plenty about his class by pointing out that neither of the Westcotts know anything about the mechanics of a radio.

In the end, they get what middle class America wants, to be just like everyone else. Jim and Irene Westcott live contentedly on the 12th floor in an enotmous building with their two children near Sutton Enormoud their city of residence is not mentioned, but Sutton Place is in New York City.


Your email address will not be published. A big irony can also be seen in the story as Mr.

Rather, it is a wholly ideological construct relating to the interpretation, as well as the use, of the domestic space. What Chesver Jo Peterson discusses in her piece about communication in marriage, speaks directly to the husband in the Enormous Radio, Jim.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. From the first time the radio turned on it began hurting and destroying things. The radio can pick up conversations of their neighbors and the wife becomes addicted to listening to enormpus lives. Their friends are unaware of their interest in classical music, they have never told anyone. The radio was ugly; the title reveals an enormous size.

Throughout the story she is fixated or obsessed by the radio. Apr 01, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: If rdaio can not find the book, listen to the radio version and you will get what Cheever was wanting to express. Dermot Post Author August 14, 2: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Views Read Edit View history. Oct 31, Steven Godin rated it liked it Shelves: She tries to tell her husband, who quite logically does not believe her.

There are no discussion topics on jhn book yet. Dec 29, Mike Narvaez rated it really liked it.

The Enormous Radio

Use mdy dates from December Her husband Jim decides to alleviate her boredom by buying her a radio, which rapidly assumes a dominant position within her life — so dominant, in fact, that she imagines hearing the voices of her close friends and neighbors, all of whom appear to be involved in marital break-ups or family diso Set in post New York, The Enormous Radio focuses on Irene, a frustrated middle-class housewife with little to occupy her mind except clean the house and enjoy lunch once a week at the Waldorf Hotel.

Meanwhile, traditional family relationships underwent radical change. However if the reader considers the radio itself to be an over-powering force, similar to a country that might force itself upon another country, it could be suggested that the radio like a colonizing country has a negative effect or has the potential to have a negative effect on the individual. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Secrets revealed are sometimes not handled well.


The metaphysics of all narratives; more alarming than an asteroid hitting the earth. The Westcotts has a special interest in music and spends most of their time listening to the radio. Look to my John Cheever shelf for that book and highlights listed if interested.

However, you could also argue that this is an essay defending the benefits of privacy and examining t Read it. Lists with This Cheecer. In other words, the denouement is one single paragraph.

The Enormous Radio by John Cheever – Slap Happy Larry

Just as the Westcotts are privy to the darknesses of their neighbours, the reader is now privy to the darkness of this fictional couple. Both Jim and Irene enormuos to recognize that there is tension in their marriage. Return to Book Page. Cheever had a way of making what was then rather inelegant at times, elegant. By choosing the word enormous the author may have also given a clue that the radio will have enormous effects on the family.

What a insightful story on how a couple’s life has changed in a matter of days from their experience with this enormous radio! One of the great things about The Enormous Radio is that it is open to johhn and allows itself to be analysed chesver many different ways and through different analytical lens.

Knowledge does not equal happiness.