jitensha **EDIT** OK I uploaded the color version for your pleasure and 1 up to just show you all some of the art for my new ADULT TF comic, “Metamorph”. Source: #Metamorph+%28English+ Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 10; ID: . #Metamorph+%28English+Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 1; ID: ; Approver: .

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Trying to establish a moral high ground from which you try to argue that pirating someones stuff is justified is the biggest load of bullshit i’ve ever seen. Aogami released a set of animation transformations over on sad panda. Can you post it again? I missed it completely, rip. Is categorizing folders really that rare? Lactose Intolerance Best friends, and secret crushes, Veronica yes me!

Thanks for the gesture, though maybe others can get use out of it. First to die in a zombie apocalypse. It’s still an image that’s relevant to the site. Anyone happened upon Solone’s patreon only sequences?

She was simply relaxing at home as she always did, not a worry in sight. If they’re eaten, they don’t die but they turn back into the animal they were originally.

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I thought when you mentioned only 3 pages of tf, jitehsha the full length of it was likely only 6 to 10 pages. Didn’t know bout Chessire, thanks for the info. Clear your cookies and cache, go ,etamorph at e-hentai and sign in, then when you go to metamogph you’ll be signed in there. Even then much of it was drawn like a logo or badge, and several pieces were phoned in. She listened, it was silent I’m sorry if thinking celebrating someone’s death like an edgy teenager is too “political” for you.


Following image comes to mind, although I did not mind it personally. Does someone have Feline Powder? I Below is the only public account of his that I’ve found.

I personally fucking hate how much porn content is jjitensha because the pay doesn’t provide any superior service, at least beyond a few outliers like Fakku who do at least try. There are two posts guaranteed to be in any TF thread: Roughly two hours from now 6: Photomanips more often than not extremely cringy and even ‘icky’.

Hey guy’s recently found this TF Novel game on Patreon that is in development. Believe me, I tried everything and nothing worked.

Users who added this gallery

Are you too fucking autistic to be able to read your own post? Aren’t you a daft fellow. Ka’s got it all under lockdown as far as I know. Something about thread rules not having any force jitesnha them. It’s just hard when they ask us to help them, then threaten to ban us for trying to help. I’ll respond to emails for some time, but if it’s past like a week jitehsha count on it.

He entered the room with both hands occupied buttoning his suit. What the fuck is her problem? It definitely look better.

Sam and Daisy find themselves tricked by an old foe, and forced to transform! After that post, Jitennsha questioned my interpretation of the board rules, and rather than make waves with the mods, just stopped reporting people. Not including Locofuria this time because I’m pretty sure like everything of his is on e-hentai now for some reason?? Not worth the money as far as Transformation goes. You should go take it somewhere else where someone gives a meramorph.


It was properly toxic. In fact she had already decided to turn her life around and get out of her proverbial ‘rock bottom’, but maybe not today. I’m planning on buying Candy bombed 2 when it launches. Although it seems there is a lot of stuff here I like. Next yata doujin is coming out during kemoket.

In my country you have freedom of speech and you can celebrate someone’s death all you want. It’s a lot cheaper than most western artists if you buy tanks, though obviously not as “TF”ish.

Jitensha – The Metamorph Porn Pics & Porn GIFs

Granted the scan is kinda bad looks like they didn’t want to debind the bookbut I imagine for meamorph it’s good enough.

Sorry to dissapoint you but I thougt you meant the first one. She lifted her shirt to see tiny black veins, some glowing with a tint of blue maybe green, slowly traveling down her chest. It’s just that I just saw this thread start to go in a “ugh, all those feminist sjws, amirite?? Do people self-insert into these, or is it just for the heightened extent of the transformation?

Well looks like the Virtue Signalers are using TF stuff now. That said, while I admit I’ve never really been into TF-stories, as a fellow content creator I do appreciate the work that would go into them. Well here ya go guys.