Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow. Liam and Talon are both warriors but from different planet. Both far descendant from Earthian, they. Jez Morrow has written a couple of my favorite rereads – Force of Law,Lover and Commander but I think this is the perfect combination of the two and may. Force of Law – Jez KB. Beloved Captor – Jez KB. Chasing Shadows – Jez KB. Lover and Commander.

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The ritual suicide is sprung on you with very little development of the counter human culture.

Romance Book Scene

There is only one with penetration and it occurs at the end of the story Oct 19, LenaLena rated it did not like it Shelves: Now this story, guys, had something in it!: Talon only knows that his commander presents a threat to him beyond his ability to resist.

I love you, Jez Morrow! How hot and sweet and pover Talon thinks ans honor and his peoples customs above all else. Lover and Commander is science fiction.


Lover and Commander by Jez Morrow – Elisa – My reviews and Ramblings

What is really disappointing is that it could have had so much potential. I loved the interaction between the two men an I would have given this 5 stars if it was longer and the ending unrushed and less abrupt.

Oct 20, Karel rated it did not like it Shelves: The only part I didn’t enjoy is that a clear ‘I love you’ isn’t said or thought by Liam I try not to be overly harsh on books, and I really do not try to say, “don’t buy this”. I realise some author want to stick to a limited wordcount so the book is che Re-Read Jan I got the urge to read this book because of the Anyone Anyone section of the All Romance Wildfire newsletter.

I would had love a lot more this book, if it were a little bit longer It does leave you hanging with an unresolved issue at I did enjoy this book though there were elements that I struggled with. I could How hot and sweet and emotional!

An abrupt ending that left me totally winded. Liam is a friendly and open big man. But the execution was bad. The whole time I was reading the space fight scene this was in my head: Loved the “bonding against their will” plot.


I really liked this one.

But put them in a sci-fi, outer space setting Liam is brash, brazen, shameless — Talon is the elite of his kind, one of the proud, beautiful Kuryeen.

Dec 12, ElaineY rated it really liked it Shelves: Talon, on the other hand, is tortured especially when he realizes lovet fallen for Liam!

Lover & Commander

Return to Book Page. I write homoerotic fiction. Talon finds Liam’s so-called boyish charm childish.

In Chasing Shadows the trail of a killer commandeg two Chicago police detectives to each other. And while price should not be compared Ok. Read this book if you want to satisfy your mild alien fantasy.

Though this is a sci-fi MM romance, the focus is always on the two men and the sci-fi, futuristic stuff never intrudes.