The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire) [Jennifer Probst] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The sizzling first book in the New York . Back to Books. **The Marriage Bargain ranked #6 on Amazon’s Best Books of !** THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN. Book 1 of the Marriage to a Billionaire series . Jennifer Probst – Marriage to a Billionaire series. Jennifer Probst – The Marriage Bargain (Book 1).epub. KB. Jennifer Probst – The Marriage Trap (Book 2).

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Humor and red hot passion is an unbeatable combination in any romance novel and I was a goner from the first chapter itself. Give me a hug. No one even suspected, especially her brother. It was just ‘meh’.

I could have easily read about Nick and Alexa for a long time Or whoever was out there trying to take care of emotional women. Maggie bargsin it off marriiage cut a hand through the air. She refused to follow him around like a little kid. Nick has a fortune at his fingertips, but his Uncle Earl had changed all the rules of the game at the last minute and left him hanging.

Alexa was a character I loved right from the very beginning. They all darted for the back door in a group and pushed their way into the crowd. Alexa waited a beat and felt reality crash back into her world. Like in a bad sitcom, everyone stood stock still, as Alexa panted in anxiety with a wet splotch over her pants. Ugh, if not, could I somehow give this negative rating? Alex stared at him with a question in her eyes. Alexa needed to make a decision. Nick hates relationships, marriage, babies, emotional stability, and holidays.


He kept his face impassive as he nodded. If I were Nick, I’d be highly insulted. The woods shimmered with an eerie silence, but she sensed her friends close by. She blinked, not understanding his reaction, but when her gaze once again met his, coldness seeped into her chest.

Maggie stared at the closed door for a while. Maggie looked at her best friend. Then screamed his wife’s name at the top of his lungs.

Nick needs a wife to claim his deceased Uncle’s business and Alexa needs money to rescue her family’s home. That’s why the heroine shouldn’t have married the bastard in the first place. The insult seemed to go right over his head as he reached out and chucked her under the chin.

The Marriage Bargain : Jennifer Probst :

This was such a fast, entertaining, and sexy read. A marriage in name only with certain rules: Maggie knew the truth. This was just a truly excellent and fun read.

She worked her way through the stream of people with the ease of an expert and headed toward the back of the store. A dorable but forgettable.


Nick gave her a puzzled look. Then drove into her with one quick plunge. Those types of pick-me-up books that we all need sometimes ; How to write a great review. The Searching For Collection.

He made sure to travel on business whenever an opportunity to see his parents came up. She always wondered how he turned out as a grown man, but the curiosity burned through her and sputtered quickly. She arched her neck upward and paused.

His lip kicked up in a half smile. She barely felt the brush but an array of sensations passed over her.

Marriage to a Billionaire Series

So clearly, Nick is emotionally damaged. Without pause, he walked down the stone pathway to the gardens until he reached the heavy stone fountain of the goddess Diana. Alexa rose from the chair and muttered under her breath. A passion that is explosive as the love that unfolds is tender, a beautiful happily ever after that encompasses everything; Jennifer Probst delivers a fiery and wild romance bargan goes straight to your heart.