SCJP DUMPS |OCJP DUMPS::Collections And Generics Q.1 import *; . can u send me latest dump of ocjp exam. ,latest ocjp dumps,java ocjp dumps,scjp,scjp dumps ,ocjp dumps for SCJP | OCJP DUMPS | JAVA CERTIFICATION QUESTIONS .. hi.. i want to give the scjp exam in july me latest dump. You are here: Home / Core Java Tutorials / SCJP / OCJP dumps. Sun. Number : 1Z Passing Score: Time Limit: min File Version:

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One thing i want to know is that when and where these exams are conducted and examx to attend the exams please let me know…. I have good knowledge of programming in vb but i am new to java. A timely needed direction for my preparations.

Preparation tips for SCJP- Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam

I have mentioned the books in my blog post. Thanks in advance, Arushi.

Please read it again. Hi i am planning to give scjp. I am pursuing my engineering, and am currently in the third year of it. But surely it will help you understand the base java concepts on which the complete java language, development thrives.

(JMSE): SCJP / OCJP dumps 1 – Exam B

By Carlos – Brazil. Anonymous 25 Mava at Anonymous 16 May at To work correctly with hash-based data structures, this class must also implement the hashCode.


Subhasis Mandal 31 August at The hashCode method is used by the java. An exception is thrown at runtime. An AssertionError is thrown. I cleared SCJP 6. Shubham Khandelwal 30 July at Now can you tell me if I should read head first java, coz though i have understood the concepts, i feel the scjp book is of high level.

Siddesh Parmar 29 August at Which code should be inserted at line 1 of Demo. Vikas Viswanth 10 April at The output could be Aniket M 24 January at The variable first is set to null. Collections And Generics Q. Anonymous 14 June at Exactly four classes do NOT compile. Will keep updating as and when I come across any tips.

But i am confused whether to give scjp xcjp.

The equals method does NOT properly override the Object. Newer Post Older Post Home. What is the result? Try running the code to see if the results match what you thought.

Jzva code fragment, inserted at line 23, allows the code to compile? During the past years, he has been contributing to major portfolios under the European Exzms. Anonymous 14 June at Unknown 15 August at So you have to alongside sharpen your algorithmic and problem solving skills.

Rozer Fedd 27 August at Kuldeep Jain 15 February at Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Preparation tips for SCJP- Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam – Experiences Unlimited

That said, if you want to learn and learn minute aspects of Java then you can take up the certification as it will help you to learn a lot dmps concepts.


What three changes allow the class to be used with generics and avoid an unchecked warning? You can read Head First Java, its a really good book. I have updated to add the Effective Java book and also remembered another book by the same author- Java Puzzlers Like Like. Newer Post Older Post Home. Consider certifications as a way to become familiar with the intricate aspects of the language.

Thank you very much; a lot of work seems to have gone into it. Unknown 13 August at I have removed your e-mail ID from the comment as I dont promote sharing on dumps. Otherwise practice coding in Java, visit sites like Project Euler, Codechef and other online programming sites and try out coding various problem.

Last but not the least Sir whats your email id or fb profile so i hava contact you frequently as i have many confusion regarding these topics.

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