DESCRIPTION. Jathakabharanam-a classic in vedic astrologyImportant book for vedic astrology h textlanguage-sanskritBook is. Jataka Bharanam[1] is an old treatise on Hindu astrology mainly dealing with the Phalita i.e. predictive astrology. This Sanskrit text[2] is believed to have been. Shree Saraswati Prakashan deals in Top Quality Jataka Bharanam Online. You can buy Jataka Bharanam Online from our website using the cart.

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Uljhe Prashna Suljhe Uttar. This book also deals with Rasi Dashas versesMahadashadhyaya 13 verses and Antradashadhyaya 74 verses.

Jataka Bharanam

Beginning with a prayer and after making a few preliminary suggestions 22 versesits first section commences with the results of the Birth- samvatsaras 60 byaranamof the two Ayanas 2 versesof Ritus 6 versesof Birth-months 13 versesof Lunar Pakshas 2 versesof day and night births 2 versesof Janam- tithis 15 versesof Weekdays 7 versesof Nakshatras 53 versesof Navamsas rising at the time of birth 9 versesof Yogas Soli-lunar 27 versesof Karanas 11 versesof Gandanta 1 verseof Ganas 3 versesof 12 lagnas 12 versesobservation on all afore-mentioned 12 verseson short and long Rasis 2 versesand on 12 bhavas along with description of special bhaanam of planets and various yogas verses.

Vishnu Purana opens as a conversation between sage Maitreya and his guru, Parashara, with the asking, what is the nature of this universe.

There are two classifications of Hindu texts, Shruti — that which is heard, and Smriti — that which is remembered. Hinduism — Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life, found most notably in India and Nepal. Karmasthana, also known as mataka Kirtisthana and the Rajyasthana, is the 10th bhava or house counted from the Lagna or the Ascendant or from the Chandra-lagna jatakaa. The Vishnu Purana includes several chapters in book 3 on rites of passage from birth through death.

By tradition, the text belongs to the Treta Yuga, second of the four eons of Hindu chronology, Rama is said to have been born in the Treta yuga to king Dasharatha in the Ikshvaku dynasty.

Offerings are typically ghee clarified buttergrains, aromatic seeds, and cow milk. The Bhagavata includes numerous stories about Krishna’s childhood playfulness and pranks — A painting by Raja Ravi Varma.


Each lagna has a fixed maraka or marakas. Deussen states that Shvetashvatara Upanishad refers to and incorporates phrases from the Katha Upanishad, some sections of the Shvetashvatara Upanishad are found, almost in its entirety, in chronologically more ancient Sanskrit texts.

Jataka Bharanam with translation and commentary by Pt. Thus, each navamsa measures 3 degrees and 20 minutes in longitude or one-quarter of a Nakshatra Constellationand the Zodiac of Signs comprises navamsas divided into four groups, 1 Mesha AriesSimha Leo and Dhanus Sagittarius — for which signs the navamsas are from Aries to Dhanus, 2 Vrishibha TaurusThereafter, it covers Danas 10 versesNashjatakadhyaya 14 versesDeath verses and Strijataka 32 verses.

The individuals born in this nakshatra are believed to be well-mannered and known for their absolute calmness towards greatest aggression. Prashna Marg set of 2 vols. Sri Venkateshwar Steam Press. Composed in Sanskrit and available in almost all Indian languages, it promotes bhakti to Krishna integrating themes from the Advaita philosophy of Adi Shankara. Member feedback about Jyeshtha nakshatra: Hindu astrology Revolvy Brain revolvybrain c: Saraswati yoga given rise to by the three natural benefic planets, namely, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter co-operating with each other is an auspicious yoga which is not rare in occurrence but when its participants are not strong merges with other yogas.

Shri Sarvarthachintamani set of 2 vols. Punarvasu Punarvasu is a Nakshatra in Hindu astrology, which refers to the two brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini: Sanskrit texts Hindu astrological texts 15th-century books Astrology stubs.

Laghu Parashari with Jataka Chandrika. From a Western lexical standpoint, Hinduism like other faiths is appropriately referred to as a religion, in India the term dharma is preferred, which is broader than the western term religion. Member feedback about Garbhadhan astrology: Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August All Wikipedia articles needing clarification Wikipedia articles needing style editing from August All articles needing style editing Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from August All articles that are excessively detailed Books with missing cover All stub articles.

According to one of his own works, he was educated at Kapitthaka. The Hindu Puranas are anonymous texts and likely the work of authors over the centuries, in contrast, most Jaina Puranas can be dated. Member feedback about Revati nakshatra: Member feedback about Navamsa astrology: Methodology for Handling Astrological Queries.


This is followed by the Raja yoga adhyaya 80 versesRaja yoga bhanga adhyaya 6 versesPanch Mahapurusha yoga adhyaya 18 versesKaraka yoga adhyaya 6 versesNabhasa yoga adhyaya 48 versesRashmijatakadhyaya 18 versesPlanetary avasthas 10 verses and Sthanadiyuktagrahphalam 8 verses. According to Hiltebeitel, Bhakti forms an ingredient of this synthesis 4. Prashnamarga set of 2 vols.

Kahala yoga is one of the four main dispositor yogas which are centered on the lagna-lord that further the native in life. It is also known as Shvetashvataropanishad or Svetasvataropanishad, and as Shvetashvataranam Mantropanishad, in ancient and medieval literature, the text is frequently referred to in the plural, that is as Svetasvataropanishadah.

jataka bharanam

His consort is goddess Manda. The Padma Purana categorizes Vishnu Purana as a Sattva Purana, the composition date of Vishnu Purana is unknown and contested, with estimates widely disagreeing. Member feedback about Shravana: They forecast celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses, forecasting weather rain, dry spells as well as more mundane occurrences. Yoga Hindu astrology topic As per Jyotisa a Yoga is given rise to when one planet, sign or house is related to another of the same kind or different kind bhqranam way of placement, aspect or conjunction.

This verbal tradition of preserving and transmitting Hindu texts, from one generation to next, the Vedas are a large body of Hindu texts originating in ancient India, before about BCE. Retrieved 30 March Sri Venkateswar Steam Press. Khan Khanan Abdur Rahim, A. Anisht Grah Karan aur Nivaran.

The Upanishads are a collection of Hindu texts which contain some of the philosophical concepts of Hinduism. Postmodern scholars have suggested alternate theories, the Puranas are a type of traditional Hindu texts that took form during the medieval period, often both informed by earlier material and undergoing later interpolations 6.

An artist’s impression of Valmiki Muni composing the Ramayana. Predicting through Navamsa and Nadi Astrology. This nakshatra is symbolised by a tusk of an elephant or by a small bed.