IT – FUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING computing – Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing – Ambient computing – Pervasive. Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Pervasive computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than . Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Year / Sem: IV / VIII List and explain the applications of pervasive computing.

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Even if the location of a terminal is known to the system, it still has to route the traffic through the network to the access point currently responsible for the wireless terminal. All posts from kings.


The vision of mobile computing is to be able to roam seamlessly with your computing devices while continuing to perform computing and communication tasks uninterrupted. Event detection pervasivw networks. Biometrics is the science of verifying and establishing the identity of an individual through physiological features or behavioral traits. Polling is a centralized scheme with one master and several slave stations.

Wireless Sensor Networks 9. Code Division Multiple Access systems use codes with certain characteristic cokputing separate different users.


List the aspects of pervasive environments What are the three types of browsers available for mobile devices? Client and Server agree in advance on the protocol for communication. What are the key challenges of urban computing? Define the term Gossiping. One computer calls procedures on another. It may have other sensors that can use electricity for power. Generic routing encapsulation GRE is an encapsulation scheme which supports other network protocols in addition to IP.

Cellular telephony is designed to provide Cellular telephony is designed to provide Communications between two moving units, called mobile stations MSsor between one mobile unit and one stationary unit, often called a land unit.

The concept of ambient intelligence or AmI is a vision where humans are surrounded by computing and networking technology unobtrusively embedded in their surroundings. What is the purpose of pervasive computing? Where is the Menu?

IT1452 Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Question Bank :

What is mobile agent? Flooding – sensor broadcasts packets to all its neighbors till destination reached. A local area network LAN supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other such as in an pervasivee building, a school, or a home. When RFID tag collision occurs? Gossiping – sensor sends packets to a randomly selected neighbor.


List the 5w of context. What is the aim of ubiquitous computing? What are the Design and implementation problems in pervasive comp? Compatibility Transparency Scalability and efficiency Security 4. An autonomous, ad hoc system consisting of a collective of networked sensor nodes designed to intercommunicate via wireless radio.

IT Fundamentals Of Pervasive Computing Question Bank (kings edition)

Pervasive computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than having computers which are distinct objects. Highly scalable- same bandwidth is consumed for all the mobile devices.

Event detection sensor networks: Why we go for Mesh topology? Explain the adaptation features used by the mobile computing devices. Classify the Sensor network types and explain in detail.

The good code can be found by two characteristics 1. List the Location Based Routing Protocols 5.