A multi-party system is a system in which multiple political parties across the political spectrum run for national election, and all have the capacity to gain control. A Biparty system is one where the existence of third party does not prevent the two major parties from governing alone, and therefore coalitions are unnecessary . Since the establishment of multiparty system over two decades ago, a number of political parties have been formed, all struggling to take the.

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According to him, many political parties in the country fail to achieve their goals because they do not have strong democracy foundations within themselves.

You are commenting using your WordPress. He said political development emerges from the kind of leadership that a country follows if it is liberal or democratic and that political parties are just part of the factors of that development.

Caters for the minority.

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Some theories argue that this allows centrists to gain control. This article has multiple issues.

Multi-party system – Wikipedia

First-past-the-post is not conducive to a proliferation of parties, and naturally gravitates toward a two-party systemin which only two parties have a real chance of electing their candidates to office. This prevents the leaders of the ruling party from becoming despotic and lording themselves over the people. The existence of many political parties allows for people to join the various parties and as they do so they engage in political activism, thereby allowing the scope of political participation to be enlarged.


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The Citizen

This has got to stop. Definition of multi-party system. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Proportional systems may have multi-member districts with more than one representative elected from a given district to the same legislative body, and thus a greater number of viable parties.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The existence of many parties means that there are other parties waiting ijportance their turn to be voted into power. Retrieved from ” https: It is up to us to make the change.

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Has multipartism helped Tanzania? – The Citizen

An example is the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition formed after the general election. It seems that once we get a group elected to the position of Chief they never leave.

Since the establishment of multiparty system over two decades ago, a number of political parties have been formed, all struggling to take the reigns of the government. The Chahta voices I am hearing are not happy and ready to make changes especially with the looming term of future chief Gary Batton who seems to be out of touch with the people he is and will be charged with serving.


Another advantage of the operation of a multi-party system is that it importahce opposition parties to exist. Ensures a peaceful change of power.

Multi-party system

This is regardless of the number of parties in government. A multi-party system prevents the leadership of a single party from controlling a single legislative chamber without challenge.

If we want our traditions, language and sense of family community in tact umportance we have to vote to make it so. This gravitation is known as Duverger’s law. First-past-the-post requires concentrated areas of support for large representation in the legislature whereas proportional representation better reflects the range of a population’s views. The operation of multi-party allows open and constructive criticism of the policies of the ruling government.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The re-introduction of the system has come with impoetance number of benefits like widened democracy and strengthened good governance. The recent establishment of the Alliance for Change and Transparency ACT brings yet another discussion in the political atmosphere.