ILFORD WASHAID is a hypo-eliminator formulated to aid the efficient removal of the thiosulphate by-products of fixation by ion exchange. It is particularly useful. Ilford states that their Washaid can be used with prints and film. Has anyone used it with film? What exactly does it do? The information on their. Hello, I recently purchased a bottle of Ilford Wash Aid to act as a hyper cleaning agent after using the fixer. I used to use Kodak Hyper.

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Film, Paper, Chemistry ‘ started by bvyAug 4, Aug 4, 1.

Curious ilforc many of you use a wash aid as a regular step in your black and white film processing. I wonder now if it’s indulgent.

Ilford Wash Aid

Those ilfodd fill and dump cycles, by the way, with the number indicating how many times I agitate the tank before dumping. Aug 4, 2. I used to, but don’t. I don’t use a hardening fixer and it’s probably the most important bit. A fixer like F24 actually washes out of the film pretty easily. I do a quick rinse after fixing, to get rid of most of the fixer. I then do 5 water changes with soaking periods.


I agitate for about 30” for each water change and let the tank sit for 2 more minutes. The HT2 test confirms that my film is very clean, practically no stain.

Ilford Universal Wash Aid (Liquid) B&H Photo Video

This procedure might actually be an overkill, but I’m too lazy to test the limits. Aug 4, 3. No I don’t use a “wash aid” but I do use a wetting agent in the final rinse Tetanal Mirasol. I either follow the Ilford archival wash sequence or if lazy I use a Paterson force film washer in the Paterson tank.

Aug 4, 4. Aug 4, 5. It’s not needed with films or RC papers.

ILFORD Washaid 1L

Aug 4, 6. No, I don’t use wash-aid in film processing. Aug 5, 7.

Aug 5, 8. Only for prints on fibre.

Aug 5, 9. I cast my vote of “No”, but not because I think it’s illford unnecessary; rather I use a non-hardening alkaline fix and, according to the instructions, use of a wash-aid is unnecessary.


I’ve never formally tested this fact, but I’ve never had any issues with my film either. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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