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3 Park Avenue. New York, NY USA. IEEE Power and Energy Society. IEEE Std C™/Cor (Corrigendum to. The definition of constant k in Equation 2 (in ) and line terminal rated voltage in the last paragraph of are corrected in this corrigendum. Define IEEE Standard C means the IEEE Standard Test Code for Liquid – Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers, ;.

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The term average temperature rise refers to the value determined by measurements on a given terminal pair of the winding. Normally such systems are solidly grounded neutral systems or low impedance grounded neutral systems. In order of preference, the tests may be conducted by either of the following methods: The test voltage is adjusted to the specified value as read by the average-responding voltmeter.

In case of class II transformers, for additional single-phase units greater than one or three unitsthe tap position shall be changed from one unit to the other, taking into account the requirements given above.

The dc source should be selected such that it can also provide sufficient current to keep the core saturated without causing excessive heating of windings. They should be fully investigated and explained by a new reduced full-wave test and full-wave test. Other combinations may be used.

Each reduced full-wave test performed after a full-wave test shall be compared with the corresponding reduced full-wave test performed prior to the full-wave tests. However, for some winding designs particularly low-voltage windings of high stray capacitance and limited to that of the necessary leads. The factors that affect overall accuracy of test results by the wattmeter-voltmeter-ammeter method also impact the accuracy of test results by impedance bridge methods.


The no-load losses of the transformer corrected to a sine-wave basis shall be determined from the measured value using Equation 2: For the same reason, IEEE does not respond to interpretation requests. Whenever possible record the tank current by connecting the transformer tank to ground through a current measuring device.

Definition of IEEE Standard C57.12.90

The induced voltage test shall be the last dielectric test performed. The resistive component of the impedance voltage, called the resistance drop, is in phase with the current and corresponds to the load losses.

Included are methods for: Under those conditions, the correction, described in This stx provides the closest simulation to actual loading as both no-load and load losses are present in the transformer. However, a reduced full wave shall be applied first, and a full wave shall be the last wave to be applied to the terminal under test. Because of the operation of the nonlinear devices, the comparison of the voltage and current oscillograms shall be made only between two tests performed at the same voltage level, e.

The low-voltage windings c57.1290 be solidly grounded for impulse tests of the ieeee windings by applying the ground to only one low-voltage terminal in order to minimize the risk of a deliberate short circuit across any low-voltage winding. Simultaneous readings of wattmeters, voltmeters, and ammeters should be recorded. They are made available by IEEE and are adopted for a wide variety of both public and private uses. Again, for these transformers, the measurements may, upon purchaser request, and as agreed upon, be made with the transformer operating at the highest sound- producing condition.


Show the position of the transformer with respect to other objects, and show the location of the measuring surface, the microphone positions, and sound etd or absorbing surfaces.

In addition to these methods of failure detection, other methods of failure detection, as described in The bottom liquid temperature shall be measured by one of the following methods: The impulse generator adjustments to achieve the required wave-shape shall be performed on the first phase under test on a tap changer ifee s yielding to the lowest ohmic impedance.

IEEE Standard C | legal definition of IEEE Standard C by

The treatment of the individual load losses and impedance voltages for temperature corrections, and so on, is the same as for two-winding single-phase transformers. The two-wattmeter method should not be used for loss tests on three-phase transformers. IEEE etd not, by the publication of its standards, intend to urge action that is not in compliance with applicable laws, and these documents may not be construed as doing so. The excitation and loading power sources do not necessarily need to be in phase; the power sources may be in phase or degrees out of phase.

Such results may be useful to understand the response to short-circuit forces, but they shall not form part of the proof criteria. The final zero-phase-sequence impedance shall be the average of the calculated zero-sequence impedances for all phases, or if more conservative values are required, then the lowest Z 0 can be used.